Dirk's angel with a shot gun

Dirk Strider has been missing jake, and its slowly killing him. When he finds out he can see Jake again he decides to travel to the underworld to get him; but what will happen when jake sees Dirk. Find out in Dirk's angel with a shot gun.
Dirk X Jake- homestuck couple that i ship majorly


1. Jake I miss you...

Dirk was walking down the street with his head down, with tears rolling down his face. Dirk missed Jake so much, ever since the day Jake died. 'It's all my fault Jake died..i left when he needed me the most . Why did I do that...gosh...' Dirk sighed as he wiped up his tears from his cheeks. He noticed somebody standing at the corner whistling a tune and he had a sign that said 'find dead loved ones here' Dirk walked up curiously to the man. The man at first looked like a woman. The man looked at Dirk and smiled slyly. 'are you missing a loved one Dirk..?' the man giggled slightly as Dirk nodded. 'Yes his name is Jake' Dirk nodded silently and made a sad look. 'Then..good sir follow me then'
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