Dirk's angel with a shot gun

Dirk Strider has been missing jake, and its slowly killing him. When he finds out he can see Jake again he decides to travel to the underworld to get him; but what will happen when jake sees Dirk. Find out in Dirk's angel with a shot gun.
Dirk X Jake- homestuck couple that i ship majorly


2. Dirk Finding Jake

Dirk followed the strange looking man cautiously, he felt some what scared of what this man was, the man didn't even say who he was, and it bothered him.

"So who the hell are you?" Dirk questioned the man as they walked into the New York subway rails. "Well I'm many things...But my real name is Hades the god of the underworld, Dirk...I can sense the longing for Jake. Heh, and the lust you longer for... That's what drives you to go retrieve him" Hades glanced back gracefully as he pulled Dirk into the portal to the underworld. Dirk looked around and saw everything was honestly lively and colorful. Dirk was shocked slightly, and thought of Jake and smiled. "Now we go to the castle I live in" Hades lead Dirk to the castle and walked him. People every where  as far as the eye can see. Mituna was cuddling Kurloz who was playing piano. "Wow, everybody's dead ancestor..." Dirk felt happy and smiled more. "Where's Jake though?" Dirk looked at Hades who was pointing to a room.

Jake was laying in a bed he was asleep, and he looked at peace. Dirk kneeled next to the bed and kissed Jake's forehead and began to feel tears whelt in his eyes. Jake's eyes fluttered open innocently, he looked a bit confused until he noticed Dirk, his eyes widened and he smiled and hugged Dirk tightly. Dirk blushed and hugged back "Baby, I missed you so much" Dirk began to cry and held Jake in his arms like he was a precious gem that everybody was after. Jake blushed and burried his face in Dirk's chest feeling comforted.

"Now Dirk do you wish to stay here with Jake?" Hades had appeared behind Jake. Dirk looked at him and nodded "Of course I do I love Jake so much... and I would do anything to stay with him so please Hades god of the underworld let me stay here and live out my days" Hades nodded at what Dirk had said and disappeared in a split second. Jake just kept holding onto Dirk like he was going to loose him. Dirk smiled and lifted Jake's head and kissed him. Jake was shocked and fell right into the kiss. Now they were united what could happen?....

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