True Story Of How One Direction Saved my life

I guess I'm writing this for many reasons. I want One Direction to realize how much they mean to us. I want everyone going through a hard time to know their not alone. I want to share my story and inspire those who need inspiration. But most of all, I want One Direction to realize there more than just a band just as much as I'm more than a fan. I'm a true , crazy, devoted, Directioner.


2. The Bully

This little girl was bullied all throughout elementary school. She stayed strong and pushed through. When she went to middle school she expected it to get better. It didn't. It just got worse. It got to a point in sixth grade where all her friends were embarrased to be around her. When she told her mom her mom suggested to talk to her friend Samantha. The girl thought it was a good idea. So, the next day at school the little girl went up to Sam and asked ''why have you been trying to ignore me?'' Sam looked at her and said ''No offence. Were not friends anymore . I want to be friends with the popular kids and if I'm friends with you...I cant be.'' The little girl ran to the bathroom and cried until school ended. Her mom picked her up but she didnt tell her mom what had happened at school that day. When she got home she went on the computer and watched youtube videos. Pretty soon the little girl found herself on the weird part of youtube. She saw a video about a girl. The video told the story of her life. She was bullied a lot at school. One day she came home and killed herself. The little girl found herself in the same situation she figured that since that girl killed herself, maybe she should too. The kids at school told her to kill herself but she never really thought about it until now. They told her she was ugly, and when you hear something so much, you start to believe it. She fought with herself for a little bit weather she should do it or not. She went into her bathroom and pulled out her mothers razor. She quitley snuck back into her room and positioned the razor above her wrists. Before she was just about to cut into her flesh her attention was drawn to her iPod. There was that song that gave her so much strength. ''When you smile at the ground it 'aint hard to tell you don't know oh oh. You don't know your beautiful.'' With that she dropped the razor and grabbed a piece of paper. She wrote down this story and put it in an envelope. She pulled out her pink pen with a feather sticking out from the top and wrote neatly ''To One Direction From your biggest fan.'' She put it in the mail box and was so happy to know One Direction would know her story.
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