True Story Of How One Direction Saved my life

I guess I'm writing this for many reasons. I want One Direction to realize how much they mean to us. I want everyone going through a hard time to know their not alone. I want to share my story and inspire those who need inspiration. But most of all, I want One Direction to realize there more than just a band just as much as I'm more than a fan. I'm a true , crazy, devoted, Directioner.


3. Thank-You

This little girl is me. I never did end up meeting One Direction to thank them. I eventually realized mail couldn't be sent without an address so that never got to them either. But I still thank them everyday for saving my life. I hope all of you going through a hard time realize that you are beautiful no matter what anyone says. The most important thing is that you realize is that just because your nose doesn't look like 'miss popular' in school doesn't mean It's ugly. You are all beautiful on the outside. Now just work on the inside. People are right when they say what you are on the inside matters most because there is no work to be done on the outside. It's perfect. Also, when times are heavy and you want to just give up find your inner strength and carry on. One Direction, if you ever hear my story and wonder if I've met you, I will be the girl who hands you each a letter that I have already written. I am saving up to go to a signing and that's when I will give them to each of you. My Mom is in the hospital and she is really sick so if anything wrong happens i wont be able to make it. I am balling my eyes out writing this because I really am thankful. I hope you guys never change and stay true to yourselves. This Directioner will make it. When the waters got rough I was about to give up. But then a little fishy told me ''Just Keep Swimming''.
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