True Story Of How One Direction Saved my life

I guess I'm writing this for many reasons. I want One Direction to realize how much they mean to us. I want everyone going through a hard time to know their not alone. I want to share my story and inspire those who need inspiration. But most of all, I want One Direction to realize there more than just a band just as much as I'm more than a fan. I'm a true , crazy, devoted, Directioner.


1. My Story

She was a happy, go-lucky, care free 10 year old who's biggest dream (along with all her friends) was to meet One Direction. She spent her days reading fanfictions, plastering every inch of her wall in posters, and jamming out to her favorate One Direction song What Makes You beautiful. She believed she was. She believed every word in that song. That's why it was her favorate. She supported the boys through every tattoo, girlfriend, and song they ever mentioned. Her friends always tried to make themselves matches for one of the boys. One would pretend to like the color orange, only after she found out it was Harry's favorate color of course. Another would wear blue contact lenses after she heard Liam likes blue eyes. She thought they were crazy and would remember how her five favorate boys once said that all their fans were all pretty just the way they were. She believed that seeing how all the videos she watched at concerts the fans would be just as pretty as the boys say. Her friends said it was 'against the rules' to have favorates and although she felt it was, she still had one. Her favorate was what she felt, the cutest, sweetest boy she has ever seen in her life. Who's smile could make her burst into tears knowing that she wasn't the cause for it and never would be. I still can't believe that she went to hell for this kid. She sobbed. She laughed. She smiled. She faught. When she heard how much this Irish boy could eat she was amazed that she wasn't the only one! To this day i ask why she still loved him. Part of me knows why. When he smiled, she smiled. Why? Because when he was happy, so was she. When he was sad, so was she. Yes. You guessed it! Niall Horan was this little girls crush. This little girl prayed each night for fans to stop being rude to Niall. It hurt this girls heart when fans were mean to the boys girlfriends so she added that on her list too. There was one more thing she prayed for each night. This prayer she never forgot. She wanted to meet One Direction some day. She wanted to thank them for everything. She wanted to thank Louis for making her laugh harder than she has ever laughed while watching the video diaries. She wanted to thank Zayn for being able to turn her day around by her just looking at his smile. She wanted to thank Harry for making her laugh at all the goofy things he did. She wanted to thank Niall for being so sweet to all his fans. Last but not least she wantd to thank Liam for making every girl believe they were beautiful. These were just some dumb excuses to say thank-you. She never really knew what she was thankful for. all she knew was that she needed to thank them some how. She never knew that one day she would have a real reason to thank them.
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