Here for Revenge

When Alex moves to L.A. from Florida, she meets a guy named Justin she really wants nothing to do with. But when she falls for him, will his ex Selena take it to personally and go to the extremes to get Justin back?


6. So Much Fun

Alex's P.O.V.

Me: put that down or pay for it!!!

They were seriously getting crazy and breaking stuff. I didn't want to et in trouble for breaking all these super expensive stuff. I know Josh is cool and all but he doesn't mess around when it comes to his money. He'll flip if he sees broken stuff everywhere. I had to find Brandy. I was looking everywhere for her but I couldn't. I asked a guy if he knew where she was.

Me: hey... Umm did you see a tall girl blonde hair. The one that invited all if you.

Guy: yeah she went upstairs with some guy.

Me: Kay thanks.

I hope she's not in my room. Cause if I know Brandy she'll seriously have sex with like 5 guys at this party. I ran up the stairs to see if she was in my room and sure enough she was in their making out with some guy.

Me: excuse me.

They separated and Brandy gave me a 'what are you doing I was in the mood' look. She walked over to me and pulled me over to a corner.

Brandy: what are you doing?

Me: they are crazy down there.

Brandy: then handle it. I'm busy.

Me: but-

Brandy: handle. It.

She walked back to the dude.

Me: I'll handle it... Get out.

Brandy: what?

Me: I never agreed to be a babysitter for all of these teenagers. There might even be college kids out there. So I need you to leave.

Brandy: seriously.

Me: seriously.

Brandy: whatever. Let's go Brandon. Let's find a hotel or something. Oh and I'm not helping you get everyone out.

Me: like you were going to in the first place.

I followed them out the door. I looked in every other room to see if anyone was in there. And then I looked in Josh's room and there was a couple in there looking like they were having a lot of fun. I covered my eyes.

Me: I'm sorry guys but you have to get out.

Guy: what the hell man. I was getting payed for this.

Girl: you were getting paid?!?!

I heard a slap and a grunt and the girl walked pass me in her bra and shorts.

Me: I know you must be in pain so leave in 5 minutes.

I went downstairs and tried to get everyone's attention but they wouldn't listen. So I went out back and grabbed the hose. I put it on spray and gave everyone a midnight shower.

Me: HEY!!!! The party is over!!! Get your stuff and go!!

Everyone was groaning and booing and telling me that I suck. I really didn't care I just didn't want to go and live with my annoying aunt again.

Me: I will call the cops!

That's when they all ran. But when most people were out the door there was a guy clapping.

Guy: bravo, bravo. Sweet little Alexi is threatening people now.

Alexi. Only one person calls me that.

Me: Bryce!! What are you doing here?

Bryce: I came with Brandy. I spent all my time looking for you.

Me: well I was busy telling everyone what not to do. Like having sex in my uncle's room.

Bryce: bt-dubs. Love the shoes.

You see Bryce is gay. That's why I love him. You know how most gay guys love fashion. He's like that but he also likes to watch and play sports. He lives for drama though. Loves it. He's like my gay best friend. My gbf.

Me: how long are you staying.

Bryce: as long as you want me to.

Me: Yay!!!

Bryce: now that you've kicked most of the people out, what do you wanna do?

Me: well I think some people are people are playing a game out back. Let's go check it out. 

Bryce: kay.

We walked out to the porch and saw a group of people playing spin the bottle. I guess they didn't notice that everyone was gone inside. 

Bryce: can we play?

They all nodded but were still looking at the bottle spinning around. 

Justin's P.O.V.

I walked up to the front and rang the door bell like 10 times but still no one answered the door. I walked around back to knock on a window or something but instead I found everyone sitting around in a circle. I think they were playing spin the bottle. I saw Chaz and walked up to him.

Me: wasup.

Chaz: hey. Wanna play with us?

Me: nah. I'm with Selena.

Chaz: in a day or two you guys will be broken up.

I started laughing. 

Me: that might be true but I still can't. They'll be like OMG!!! I kissed Justin Bieber!!!

Chaz: just wear your glasses and your hoodie and you'll be fine.

Me; okay fine. Maybe one round.

Chaz: yes! Come on.

Spin the bottle. this was gonna be so much fun.

Alex's P.O.V.

I told Bryce to wait for me so I could get my sunglasses. I didn't know if I was a good kisser and if I wasn't I didn't want them to see my face.I ran back to the porch and sat down. Yay! Spin the bottle. This was gonna be so much fun!!!


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