Here for Revenge

When Alex moves to L.A. from Florida, she meets a guy named Justin she really wants nothing to do with. But when she falls for him, will his ex Selena take it to personally and go to the extremes to get Justin back?


4. Dateless

Alex's P.O.V.

Josh: Alex!

Alex: Josh!

Chloe: Mark!

Mark: Chloe!

I haven't seen my uncle in such a long time. I love him so much. Probably because we can practically get away with anything whenever we're around him. But I really don't have anything to get away with since I really don't wanna do anything and don't plan on going on a date anytime soon.

Josh: So how are my nieces and nephew doing?

Chloe: Oh we're fine except for you know… Our parents died!

Josh: Yeah I know and I'm sorry I couldn't make it to the funeral. I was VERY busy.

Mark: Is she a blonde?

Josh: How'd you know?

Mark: Lucky guess.

Alex: Well, as much fun as it is talking about who you're having sex with, I think I'll just go and unpack.

Chloe: Ya I'm right behind you.

We went up to our rooms and couldn't believe our eyes. They were as big as apartments. I mean I could invite like 20 people to come sleep over.

Alex: Josh!

Josh: Ya

Alex: When did the rooms get so big?

Josh: When I upgraded. You like?

Alex: No… I love!!!!!

I can't believe I'm staying here until I finish high school. I feel so bad for Mark cause he only has 2 more months of high school and then he's off to college.


After I finished packing I went downstairs to find something to eat. I got a big bag of Hot Cheetos and plopped on the couch.

Josh: Hey guys I'm going on a date tonight so if you throw a party make sure you clean up your mess.

Mark: Actually I was going to try and find some chicks.

Chloe: Can i go with you? I haven't been on a date in such a long time.

Josh: Alex you wanna come?

Alex: Nah I'll just stay here and watch a movie.

Josh: Kay see you later

Alex: Bye!

I was left alone in this gigantic house. I'm such a loner.

I popped in the dvd Marley & Me and fell asleep on the couch.



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