Here for Revenge

When Alex moves to L.A. from Florida, she meets a guy named Justin she really wants nothing to do with. But when she falls for him, will his ex Selena take it to personally and go to the extremes to get Justin back?


2. An Awkward Goodbye

'Wake up!' my sister yelled to me from downstairs

'Shit' I mumbled to myself

Today was the day I had to move in with my uncle Josh. I mean I love him and he gets me cause he's only 25, but I just want to stay home with the rest of my friends and family. Ever since I was little I knew that I was an East Coast girl and now I have to move to L.A.

'Hurry up the cab's gonna be here in 30 minutes!' Chloe screamed at me.

'I'm getting ready!' I yelled back at her.

I hurried up and took a shower. Then put on a pair of jeans, a gray V-neck and my Converse. I took my suitcase and went downstairs to wait for the cab.


I was getting a donut when I saw a guy staring at me. He was looking at me for about 5 minutes and it was really creeping me out. When I got my donut I couldn't help but seeing the guy follow me to the plane.

'Great,' I thought to myself  'He's on the same plane as me.'

This was going to be a very awkward ride.

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