Here for Revenge

When Alex moves to L.A. from Florida, she meets a guy named Justin she really wants nothing to do with. But when she falls for him, will his ex Selena take it to personally and go to the extremes to get Justin back?


3. Already Late

Justin's P.O.V

I saw a girl at the airport. She was so beautiful. So I decided to follow her. I know it's pretty much stalking, but I wasn't going to follow her on the plane or anything. It wasn't until I saw her get on the same plane as me when I really thought I looked like a stalker. 


I put my good back on and got off the plane. I hope no one notices me. 

'OMB!!!!!!! IS THAT JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!' I heard a girl screaming.

So much for hoping. 

I ran out of the airport and hauled a taxi. I was so lucky I'm a fast runner because these were the crazy fans that know how to run.


My phone went off. 

Justin: Hey Scooter, what's up

Scooter: JUSTIN! Where are you! The show starts in 20 minutes 

Justin: Don't worry. I'm on my way

Scooter: OK. But you better hurry

I hung up the phone and told the driver to go a little faster.

Great! I'm already late.



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