My Babysitter: Harry Styles

Harry Styles. The Boy Who Makes My Life A Living Hell. Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson. The Boys Who Makes My Life Worth Living.

"I'm 16 Liam!! I DON'T NEED A BABYSITTER!!!" I attempted to argue with my older brother.

Everyone Thinks I Can't Do Anything Right. That I'm Not Able To 'Fend For Myself'. So, While Liam And His Mates Are Off Clubbing For 2 Weeks In An 18+ Festival, I'm Going To Be Sitting At Home With None Other Than: Harry Styles.

You May Say, "Yeah, sure... you hate him, right?". Well, Yes, I Do Hate Him. I'm Actually Afraid Of him. Want To Know Why?

Every day At School He Hurts Me Both Physically And Emotionally. He Constantly Makes My Life A Living Hell. But, Of Course, Him Being His Cunning And Sneaky Self, Has Managed To Not Let Liam And The Boys Find Out About This. I Daren't Tell Them Though.

So Now I Get To Spend A Whole Three Weeks With The Guy That Has Bullied Me For Over Two Years Now. God Only Knows What He's Going To Do To Me..


4. Would It Make You Feel Better To Watch Me While I Bleed?

It was now Friday, which meant Carter only had to suffer one more day of torment from Harry.

She hopped out of bed and tugged her body into the en-suite bathroom and got ready.

She skipped downstairs to where Liam and the rest of the boys were.

“Morning boys.” She smiled, scratching her head sleepily.
“You’re up early Carter!” Louis chuckled.
“Really?” she quizzed, unsure of what time it was.

“Yup! Do you want to go to the cinema later?” Niall inquired, flinging his arm over her shoulder.
“I can’t, I’ve got soccer.” She reminded him. He nodded understandably.

“Ah the big game is coming up!” Zayn winked, nudging Carter as she beamed brightly.

Carter was on the all-boys soccer team as no one shows up for the girl one. She loves soccer but there’s one thing about training, Harry and his friends are always hanging around there, waiting for her.

She sat down and demolished her breakfast, letting out a huge belch afterwards.

“Pig.” Liam sniggered.
“Thanks babe.” Carter winked.

She looked at her watch and sighed as it was time to go to school. She gave each of the boys a kiss before heading to school. There was no sign whatsoever of Harry when she reached the school gates today. She just prayed that he was ill and would be absent today.

She scurried to her locker, sorting out her books and stuffing them in her bad. She jogged to her first class and sat down. The teacher arrived but carter was too engulfed in her own thoughts to notice.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis were anxiously awaiting their results for their summer exams. The teacher entered the room and each of the boys beamed eagerly.

“Louis Tomlinson.”

Louis strolled up to the desk and collected his test, grinning as he looked down at it.

“What did you get Lou?”

The boys congratulated Louis and soon they were called up too.

Zayn got 97%; Liam got 100%, forever being the brain box, and Niall, being the least intelligent of the four boys, got 88%, which was extremely high considering it was Niall we were talking about.

“Now, any of you who got over 75%, you’re in for a real treat.”

The four boys raised eyebrows at one another before the teacher continued.

“In a month’s time, each of you will be heading to Ibiza for 3 weeks!”

Everyone cheered and Niall began to dance around the room with excitement. The four boys were absolutely ecstatic and overwhelmed. They couldn't wait to go!

* * * * *

Carter changed into her soccer gear and sprinted onto the field. The boys each greeted her kindly and nudged her playfully.

They treated her like one of the boys, and she really enjoyed that. She much prefers to be playing soccer with the boys than painting nails and what not with the likes of Harry’s tarty girlfriend and her mates.

You see, Harry’s girlfriend Lucy was a bitch. A snotty, evil, two-faced bitch. She’s basically a female version of Harry, but not as bad. Every fiber of Lucy’s being seemed to be manufactured to despise Carter. Both her and Harry love nothing more than to see tears trickle down Carter’s cheeks as she cries for mercy. 

They were like the power couple of the school. Everyone feared them, and everyone wanted to be them.

“Carter, you’re up front with Daniel.” 

Carter nodded and assembled in her place. The game began and Carter immediately pounced for the ball, stealing it off the opposite team and immediately kicking it into the back of the net.

In the end, Carter and her teammates defeated the opposition and went on to win their match. The boys congratulated her and she gathered up her gear once more.

One of her teammates, Alan, confronted Carter and smiled warmly at her.

“Hey Alan.” She grinned, throwing her bag over her shoulder.
“Hi Carter. Just to warn you, Harry and his mates are over there.” He told her, gesturing towards the place where Harry and his friends stood.

Carter froze before shaking her head a little and turning back to Alan.

“Thanks Alan. I’ll make sure to steer clear of him.” She said as she gave him a quick hug and walked away.

A wolf-whistle echoed in Carter’s ears as she scurried down the narrow footpath. She fidgeted with her fingers nervously as she continued her journey.

“Carter!” his husky voice ran through her.

She quickened her pace a little as she came to an alleyway. She could hear footsteps pounding behind her, each step sending another shiver up her spine. She pondered quickly down the alleyway until she reached a dead end. She knew she was doomed.

She did a 180 turn to find Harry nearing closer to her, along with two of his mates. Her breath hitched as he came nearer, and nearer, and nearer, ever so slowly in order to frighten Carter even more. He placed his finger under her chin and raised her head up to face him, her big brown eyes gazing up at him in sheer fright.

He smirked at her before slapping her across the face aggressively, allowing a couple of tears to fall from her eyes.

“My maths homework only got a C+ today.” He growled through gritted teeth, shoving her against the wall.

“I-I-I’m sorry H-Harry! I-I-I just don’t understand those s-sums!” she tittered shakily.
“That’s not good enough!” he roared, slamming her against the wall once more.

She remained silent and stared at the ground. Harry pushed her to the floor viciously and she landed with a thud, cutting her hands of something very sharp in the process.

Harry bent down to her level and leaned close to her ear.

“See you tonight Carter.” He whispered.
“W-What do you mean?” she quizzed faintly, shutting her eyes.
“I’m staying at your house.” He grinned before getting up and standing over her.

He nudged his mates before stepping closer to Carter and spitting in her face. She didn't react at all, she just simply wiped his saliva away from her face as tears continued to fall from her eyes.

Harry and his mates sniggered before running off and leaving Carter alone.

She picked herself up and gathered her gear. She then began her journey home once more. When she returned home, she was met by four angry faces at the door. Apart from Niall, who was unable to make an angry face.

“Where the fuck where you Carter?!” Liam exclaimed.
“Soccer practice you douche.” Carter stated, trying to pass them.

They weren’t having any of it.

“Soccer ends at 5 Carter. It’s now half 6.” Zayn remarked.
“The coach held us up.” She shrugged.

The boys exchanged glances before Louis grabbed both of Carter’s hands and looked up at her.

“What happened?!” he questioned.
“I fell at practice.” She replied bluntly, not looking any of them in the eye.
“You couldn't have cut yourself that badly by falling on a field!” Liam pointed out.

“Well I did Liam!” Carter huffed as she shouldered past each of the boys and ran upstairs.

Niall began to follow her, but Zayn stopped him and shook his head.

“Give her time to cool down Niall, she might be having a bad day.” He explained.

Niall nodded and him, Zayn and Louis strolled into the kitchen. Liam sighed and trailed behind them. The boys each thought she was just in a bad mood or something, but Liam was convinced she was cutting herself again, and was really worried.

* * * * *

Carter hated getting angry at Liam. She knew it wasn’t his fault. He was only looking out for her like the amazing big brother he is.

She jumped into the shower and changed into her pyjamas. This time they consisted of Niall’s boxers, Liam’s socks and Zayn’s t-shirt. She dried her hair thoroughly before letting it fall down, placing a small clip in it to keep it back off her face.

She ventured downstairs quietly before tip-toeing into the sitting room where Liam and the boys were.

“I’m sorry guys.” She apologized, sighing slightly and and shuffling from foot to foot.

“That’s alright Carter!” Niall beamed, glad to see Carter happy again.

Liam opened his arms out for a hug and Carter stepped into his embrace, sitting on his lap as he cuddled her tightly.

“I’m sorry Liam, I just hate when you guys worry about me too much.” She whispered.

“Don’t worry Carter, I understand.” He smiled.

But he didn't understand, he never understands.

* * * * *


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