My Babysitter: Harry Styles

Harry Styles. The Boy Who Makes My Life A Living Hell. Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson. The Boys Who Makes My Life Worth Living.

"I'm 16 Liam!! I DON'T NEED A BABYSITTER!!!" I attempted to argue with my older brother.

Everyone Thinks I Can't Do Anything Right. That I'm Not Able To 'Fend For Myself'. So, While Liam And His Mates Are Off Clubbing For 2 Weeks In An 18+ Festival, I'm Going To Be Sitting At Home With None Other Than: Harry Styles.

You May Say, "Yeah, sure... you hate him, right?". Well, Yes, I Do Hate Him. I'm Actually Afraid Of him. Want To Know Why?

Every day At School He Hurts Me Both Physically And Emotionally. He Constantly Makes My Life A Living Hell. But, Of Course, Him Being His Cunning And Sneaky Self, Has Managed To Not Let Liam And The Boys Find Out About This. I Daren't Tell Them Though.

So Now I Get To Spend A Whole Three Weeks With The Guy That Has Bullied Me For Over Two Years Now. God Only Knows What He's Going To Do To Me..


15. Second Chances

Harry ran his hands through his soft curls. He wanted to know why Carter left him. Was it too soon? Was he moving too fast? Did she not love him back? He should never have done that. Why couldn’t his life be simple? Like in fairytales and films?

He raced down the stairs and dashed out the door. He sprinted down the driveway to be met by a familiar face. “Will mate, what are you doing here?” Harry inquired as Will climbed out of the car. “I just popped in to say hello. Why? Are you busy? Because I can leave if you want…” Will queried. Harry closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Maybe he was talking this too seriously? After all, she’ll be back later, right? “Er… no. it’s just something with Carter.” He sighed. Will nodded understandably. “Come on, you can tell me everything while making me a cup of tea.” Will winked, gesturing Harry into the house.

Harry explained everything, all while making Will the cup of tea he had requested. “So where’s Carter now?” Will asked. “She ran away after I kissed her.” Harry mumbled, looking at the floor. “Then why are you sitting on your ass talking to me when you could be out there looking for her and telling her how much you love her?!” Will exclaimed. “I… I don’t know.” Harry spoke, quietly. “Go go go! Find that girl and tell her you love her Harry!” Will stood up and shoved Harry out of the house.

“And while you do that, I’ll be here raiding your fridge!” Will informed Harry, chuckling to himself.

Harry grinned widely before setting out to find Carter. He strolled down the path keeping an eye open at all times just in case he saw her. He dashed down the street to see a massive traffic jam. He shoved his hands in his pockets and went to see the source of the traffic. To his horror, he saw Carter on the floor lying in a pool of blood. He ran to her and bent down beside her.

“No, this is not happening. Carter, please, just wake up.” Harry begged, shaking Carter’s limp and unconscious body rapidly. No response. Harry shook her again but nothing happened. “Carter please, just because I pretended to die doesn’t mean you can.” Harry chuckled quietly, hoping that a bit of humour might somehow revive Carter. “Please, I’m so sorry.” Harry whispered, a tear falling from his eye.

“Oh my god!” an all too familiar voice squealed. Harry looked up to find a tarty face staring back at him. “Lucy?!” Harry exclaimed. Lucy just smirked. “I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! I knew there was something between you two!” Lucy chattered excitedly. “So? Why should you care?” Harry scowled at the Barbie doll stood in front of him. “Oh nothing. I just can’t wait to tell everyone that I had the pleasure of knocking down Harry Styles’ new girlfriend!” Lucy beamed fakely. “You knocked Carter down?! What the fuck Lucy?!” Harry shouted.

“It’s not like I’m the only who wants her dead! No one likes her Harry!” Lucy mused, gazing at her manicured nails. Harry remained silent, being much more enthralled in Carter’s health than having a petty argument with Lucy. “You’re so pathetic Harry. You should just leave her there to die.” Lucy rolled her eyes and stomped off. Harry pulled out his phone and called the ambulance.

“Don’t worry Carter, hang in there. I promise you that everything will be ok.” Harry whispered to the lifeless girl that lay beside him.

* * * * *

“Niall, you’re free to go!” The doctor smiled. Niall jumped out of the hospital bed and scooted into the waiting room. “Sup boys.” He grinned at 3 very worried looking boys. “Niall, you’re alive!” Zayn yelled, overjoyed to see his friend. The three boys engulfed him a massive hug, soon breaking apart, grinning widely.

Liam thumped Niall in the head. “Hey! What was that for?!” Niall tittered, clutching his head. “What the hell were you think Niall?! Why the fuck would you go back to get food?!” Liam responded angrily. “But it was Nandos!” Niall whined. “Niall you are such an idiot.” Louis chattered, shaking his head. “If it weren’t for Zayn you would probably be dead!” Liam added.

Niall turned to Zayn with a confused expression. “You saved me?” he asked. Zayn nodded, smiling warmly at his friend. “Of course I did! I couldn’t live without my best bud!” Zayn winked, pulling Niall into his embrace and ruffling his hair. “I love ya Zayners, did you know that?” Niall chuckled. “Yeah buddie!” Zayn laughed, hugging Niall tightly.

* * * * *

Harry paced up and down the hallways nervously. Carter had been in with the doctors for a couple of hours now. He fidgeted with his thumbs. His heart rate was increasing rapidly. He knew this was his entire fault. If he hadn’t pushed her too quickly she wouldn’t have ran away and gotten run over. He put his head in his hands and remained silent for a couple of minutes.

The doctor stepped out of the room and faced Harry. Harry rose to his feet and looked straight at the doctor. “How is she?” he managed to cough out. “She’s stable. She’s got severe head injuries though.” The doctor replied. “How severe?” Harry questioned. “We don’t know yet. We’re still trying to find out.” The doctor responded. Harry gave a small nod. “You should go home son, we won’t know anything until tomorrow anyways.” The doctors told Harry. “What if she wakes?” Harry queried hoarsely. “She won’t. Don’t worry.” The doctor smiled, patting Harry on the back and strolling away.

Harry sighed and ran his hands through his hair. He stood up and shoved his hands in his pockets, waltzing out the door. He glumly looked at the screen of his phone, noticing he had two new messages, both from Will.

From: William ;)
‘Harold where da fook r you?! Did you get lucky with Carter? ;)’

From: William ;)
‘Btw I ate all of your food…. ;)’

Harry smiled slightly at the messages. Will always had a way of cheering him up. But today, he felt as though nothing could lift his spirits. He walked to his car and drove off. The car ride was silent, way too silent. By now, he was used to having Carter sitting in the back seat. Even though they usually didn’t speak, it was nice to know that he had some company in the car.

He came to the house and stepped out of the car, dragging his feet along as he gazed at the ground blankly, kicking a stone on the floor. He stepped into the house and shut the door. “Harry mate, is that you?” Will’s voice beckoned. “Yeah.” Harry retorted quietly. “Did you find Carter?” Will asked. “Yeah, I found her.” Harry said, slumping onto the couch.

“So…. How did it go?” Will winked, nudging Harry. “She’s in hospital.” Harry gulped. “Why?!” Will exclaimed. Harry swallowed hard. “S-She got run over.” Harry choked. “WHAT?! That’s not how you ‘make a move’ on a girl Harry!” Will yelled. “I didn’t run her over!” Harry protested. “Then who did?” Will questioned.

“… Lucy.”

“On purpose?” Will asked in a whisper. Harry slowly nodded. “Oh the irony!” Will replied dramatically. Harry stayed silent. “So… how is she?” Will quizzed. “The doctors don’t know yet. They said she has head injuries.” Harry spoke. “Are they bad?” Will inquired. “Severe.” Harry sighed. Will sat back in his seat. “Why are you here then?” Will queried. “The doctors sent me home. I’m going back in tomorrow.” Harry told him. “Oh. Well I better get going. I’ll pop in tomorrow to see how she’s doing.” Will smiled. “Thanks mate.” Harry croaked. Will left the house, shutting the door behind him.

Harry exhaled heavily, throwing his head back. He stood up and ventured into the kitchen, taken a can of beer out of the fridge. He took a large swig of it and jogged upstairs, into Carter’s room. He looked for his phone charger but it wasn’t there. He began rooting in the presses and cupboards in order to find it. He came across an old notebook labelled ‘Carter’s diary’. Curious to what she could have written, Harry opened it on a random page and read down through it.

‘June 29th, 2009.

Dear diary,

Today, me and Harry went to the beach. I had so much fun. Harry began to ‘work out’ recently. He goes to the gym three times a week and shows off his muscles on a daily basis. But today I realised how fit he looked! He now has a six pack (well, an 8 pack, but hey, who’s counting?) and looks extremely hot. I find myself falling more in love with him each day. He threw me into the sea at least 17 times. The amount of salt-water I swallowed because of that boy is astonishing. But, today was amazing.


Harry smiled a little at that entry. He could believe that Carter actually like liked him when they were younger. He flipped to another page and read.

‘Jan 21st, 2010.

Dear diary,

Words can’t describe how bad I feel. Today me and Harry were supposed to hang out, as per usual. About an hour before Harry was due to come, Niall made a surprise visit telling me we needed to ‘talk’. I agreed, and was gobsmacked when he told me that he loved me. He asked me out and I said yes. We kissed and sprung apart when I heard the door creak open. The person had turned away and ran by the time I looked, but I knew by the curly hair that it was Harry. I followed him and explained everything to him. I’ve never seen him look so hurt in my life. I feel so bad.


Harry felt tears form in his eyes, but didn’t let them show, even if he was alone. He couldn’t believe Carter actually felt bad about the situation. He once again flipped a page and scanned through it.

‘February 22nd, 2010.

Dear diary,

Harry. My best friend Harry. The boy I love. The one boy I trust with everything. What did I do to hurt him?

In school yesterday, he ignored me all day for no reason whatsoever. And then at the end of of school, he dragged me onto the soccer field and beat me up. He punch, kicked, slapped, pushed and really used anyway possible to hurt me. I didn’t try to stop him, how could i? how could I possibly hurt the one I love? I just want to know why.


Harry’s eyes filled with tears once again. He regretted that day ever since but now reading over Carter’s side of the story, he felt worse. She didn’t even know why. He decided to read though one more entry.

‘October 14, 2010.

Dear Diary,

Today, Harry and his friends locked me into the art room for the whole day. The only reason I got out was because the art teacher found me when she came to collect something. As I came out of school, Harry was waiting for me by the gate. He stared straight at me, making my skin crawl. He chased me down the streets of the town, eventually cornering me. I tried to run past him but he tripped me up and I fell on my foot. He laughed and ran away.

I limped home and Liam brought me straight to the doctors. Turns out I sprained my foot and won’t be able to do sports for at least three weeks. That means no soccer no PE, no basketball, running or anything. It’s just not fair.


This one affected Harry the most. He remembered that day so clearly. Why couldn’t he have just told her he loved her? Then he wouldn’t be in this mess. He couldn’t believe that Carter actually felt that way about him.

He flicked though a couple of more pages before putting the diary back. Some of those entries were shocking. He can’t believe he did half of those things to Carter. How could he be so evil? He threw his head back and lied down on the bed, his eyes shutting slowly as he drifted odd to sleep.

* * * * *

The next morning, Harry shot out of bed. He checked his phone to see it was 8:07am, the earliest he’d been up in a long time. He ran into the shower and washed his curly hair. He wrapped a towel around his waist and strutted into the bedroom, getting changed and grabbing his phone before dashing out the door. He got into his car and drove straight to the hospital. He glided to the front desk and was met by a smiling lady gazing back at him.

“Do you know where Carter Payne is?” Harry questioned. The lady glanced at her computer screen, tapping a few buttons here and there, before turning back to Harry. “Room 124, love.” She told him. “Thanks.” Harry grinned, sprinting down the corridors until he came to his destination, room 124. The doctors were in with Carter so he thought it would be best if he stayed in the waiting room.

Moments later, the doctor exited the room. “How is she? Do you know what’s wrong with her yet?” Harry bombarded the doctor with questions. “Just about.” The doctor tittered. “What’s wrong with her then?” Harry asked as soon as the words left the doctor’s mouth. The doctor sighed and scanned through the pages on his clipboard.

“She’s got a rare case of amnesia.” The doctor began. “Why don’t you get her a blanket then?” Harry quizzed, furrowing his eyes at the doctor’s stupidity. “I beg your pardon?” the doctor looked very confused. “If she has amnesia, that means she’s cold, right?” Harry spoke. “Mr. Styles, that’s pneumonia.” The doctor told him. “Then what’s amnesia?” Harry questioned. “Memory loss.” The doctor responded. “Shit.” Harry put his head in his hands.

“…. And she’s also got a severe case of depression.” The doctor added. Harry raised his head to face the doctor. “How did she get depression from a car crash?!” Harry exclaimed. “She didn’t. She has had this case for about 2 years, but it’s only been diagnosed now.” He chattered. “Do you know what she could be depressed by?” Harry queried. “It depends, does she get a hard time off anyone in school? Sometimes bullying can be the most common cause.” The doctor replied. Harry gulped and bit his lip. “Not that I’m aware of…” he lied. He couldn’t possibly tell him the truth.

“We’ve supplied her with medication and what-not, so has she got any closer relations I can show them to? Perhaps parents, big brother/sister?” the doctor inquired. “Her mum and dad passed away and her big brother Liam is away. You can show me them.” Harry chimed. “Are you sure? This is very serious Mr. Styles. You won’t be able to stop taking care of her if you get bored, she will need someone to be permanently there for her.” The doctor mused. “I’m sure.” Harry nodded. “Come with me then, son.” The doctor said, walking away and leaving Harry to follow him. 

* * * * *

“You can go into her now, Mr. Styles. Her antiseptic has just worn off so she may be a tad loopy. And we also given her her medication, so her depression will be controlled.” The nurse told Harry kindly. Harry nodded. “Don’t be upset if she doesn’t remember you Harry. She isn’t remembering anything at the moment.” The doctor added. Harry nodded once again. “And don’t break anything.” The doctor said sternly, pointing his finger at Harry. Harry nodded once more before heading into the room.

It was very silent, way too silent. Harry glanced over at the young girl in her bed. She hadn’t noticed his presence yet. He turned away and shook his head. He couldn’t do this.


Carter’s voice was a mere whisper. Harry’s heart dropped upon hearing Carter call his name. He was hoping that she wouldn’t remember him, so that he could start fresh with her. No more fears, no violence or torment, just love. He sat at the edge of her bed, lowering his eyes to the floor and not lifting the up once.

He felt two arms wrap around him. He looked up to see Carter crying into his shoulder. “Hey, hey, what’s wrong Carter?” Harry questioned softly. “I thought I was never going to see you again Harry.” He told him weakly. “And why is that?” Harry asked, holding Carter in his arms. “When the fire happened, my mum and dad died. And I thought I was going to die too.” Carter sobbed. 

“Carter that fire was 4 years ago.” Harry spoke quietly. “Then why am I in hospital?” she croaked. “You were run over. But it’s ok now, because you’re alive and well and that’s all that matters.” Harry smiled. Carter wiped the tears out of her eyes and hugged Harry tightly. Harry kissed Carter’s forehead.

“I love you so much Harry. You’re the best friend a girl could ever have.” Carter murmured into Harry’s chest.

And that’s when it all became clear to Harry. Carter didn’t remember him as her bully, but as her best friend.

He knew that he had been given a second chance, and this time, he was going to make sure he didn’t blow it.

* * * * *

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