My Babysitter: Harry Styles

Harry Styles. The Boy Who Makes My Life A Living Hell. Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson. The Boys Who Makes My Life Worth Living.

"I'm 16 Liam!! I DON'T NEED A BABYSITTER!!!" I attempted to argue with my older brother.

Everyone Thinks I Can't Do Anything Right. That I'm Not Able To 'Fend For Myself'. So, While Liam And His Mates Are Off Clubbing For 2 Weeks In An 18+ Festival, I'm Going To Be Sitting At Home With None Other Than: Harry Styles.

You May Say, "Yeah, sure... you hate him, right?". Well, Yes, I Do Hate Him. I'm Actually Afraid Of him. Want To Know Why?

Every day At School He Hurts Me Both Physically And Emotionally. He Constantly Makes My Life A Living Hell. But, Of Course, Him Being His Cunning And Sneaky Self, Has Managed To Not Let Liam And The Boys Find Out About This. I Daren't Tell Them Though.

So Now I Get To Spend A Whole Three Weeks With The Guy That Has Bullied Me For Over Two Years Now. God Only Knows What He's Going To Do To Me..



Hey beauties! I'm doing a contest. I will start a new fanfic and I wanted this one to be more interactive, so I'm letting you all be characters! All you have to do is tell me your first name (no need for last name), basic personality, body, and facial traits (Do not lie about any of this!) and I'll choose out of you all. I'm also looking for a co-author, so if you'd like that please tell me too.

Roles available:

- Principal Character (will be in a love triangle with Harry and Zayn and has Louis as an older brother)

- Principal Character's best friend (you choose who you like/date)

- Principal Character's "Enemy" (will be dating Louis but will cheat)


The contest ends July 16th, 2013 so you have exactly one week to enter and submit your character and/or ask to be a co-author! 

xoxo, Tess

* - to be a co-author please kik me at YesImTess and wait for a reply!

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