Your obedient pet (a (to be) MATURE 1D fanfic) Larry.

This is just a taste of a follow up to my previous 1D fanfic (there can only be carrot). This is gonna be nastier than the last, considering that it will contain GAY SEX and S&M later. If you're not into that, then please don't read. I do not mean to be offensive :).


1. Your bunny

Standing alone in a cold, dark basement beneath a tall hotel dressed in a fluffy, pink bunny-suit, Louis was suddenly feeling scared. There were no windows in the big hall since it was underground, and the only light came from a few, old, square ceiling lamps. They all gave a weird, yellow, very electrical light, which seemed to be impure and irritated Louis’ eyes. One of the lamps even flickered, though in an odd soundless way. Louis was waiting. For better or worse he was waiting. Eagerly and anxious he was waiting for Harry to make his appearance.

It was not the horror-movie like setting that made Louis afraid. No, it was the fact that he was in a bunny-suit, waiting for Harry – though the lamps did add to his tension. At the same time Louis was confused.  Harry had been unusually quiet lately. He had done nothing for a whole week. Nothing at all. No encouraging goodnight sex before a big concert day, no rushed, heated sex in the back of the tour-bus, not even a gentle touch or slap of Louis' round butt.

Just when Louis was starting to feel depressed and unwanted, Harry had sent that weird package containing the suit, nothing more. Not a proper explanation, not even a little note. But Louis had understood. And he’d waited patiently. He was still waiting. Doing exactly as the instructive note, arriving one day later, had said; “Come to the basement. Second door on the left.”

Louis was not yet sure why he had obeyed. It was not like Harry had been nice to him. He wasn’t even sure he liked Harry that much. It was probably just the sex. He had to admit it; the carrot-night had been the best night of his life – both sexually and emotionally. But it had also turned his world upside down. Sure, Harry had been his favorite for a while, and yes they did often sleep exclusively, but Louis had not known he was in love until that day, a hopeless love which would only lead him to ruin. Yet he could not resist. He knew, without even thinking that he’d do anything for Harry now. He would be the obedient pet the costume suggested.

 The sudden noise of a creaking door disrupted Louis’ chain of destructive thoughts and brought him back to the real world. He was stunned, struck by horror, yet he had the courage to slowly turn his head and glance back towards the door. The devil awaited Louis’ attention by the door, the menacingly beautiful sadistic smile spread across his angelic face.

Unlike Louis, Harry was wearing his normal, well-fitting clothes, though they were looking wrinkled and worn. His hair was messier than usual; he had been walking around all day with old hair-spray clinging to his hair. Small sweat-drops were visible on his forehead and down his cheeks. The bags under his eyes from many days of exhausting performance in a row were visible since the concealer had been sweated off. All in all, for Harry, he was looking like a mess. A tired, weary mess. But through all the exhaustion, his eyes shone with a wild, passionate, a half-crazy gleam. He was ready.

Harry slowly started walking towards the terrified Louis. His expression was calm, controlled, yet Louis feared it might’ve just been a façade. He took deep breaths as quietly as possible. He was fearing the wrath of Harry, but also his heart was just beating so fast from Harry’s presence. Louis’ thoughts started to run wild. They were alone in a basement far from the others…  He looked down for a second. The next he knew, Harry’s face was inches from his own, the green eyes drilling right through him.  

“I’ve been waiting for this,” Harry said playfully. “So have I,” said Louis silently, swallowing a lump in his throat. For a second Harry’s eyes turned angry, but he composed himself, instead saying, “the costume fits perfectly,” in a mocking, evil tone. Harry gently pulled the tip of one of the fluffy bunny-ears, causing Louis to turn scarlet with embarrassment. Excruciatingly slowly Harry moved his head towards the bunny ear, whispering “you’ll do exactly as I say, or you will face the consequences. Grave consequences. Are we clear?” Louis nodded. “Good boy. Then let’s begin.”

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