One direction imagines

Its my first time here so i hope ya like it thanks so much for being so supportive n thank you for reading <3 I love you guys n I want u to know you are all beatiful to me and the 1D boys <3


6. Niall and Kate

Sorry it took so long :P

your at a new year eve party in the NYC when you noticed a blonde Irish boy getting waisted. You thought he was cute so you kept watching him dance. He had some moves! Then you noticed he was walking towards you. You pulled your hair out of the pony tail and let it flow down on your shoulders and smiled at him. When he got to you he said "hey sexy" you chuckled and said "hello Ireland" he laughed "my name is Niall what's your name?" He asked. "I'm Kate" you said. He smiled and pulled you to the dance floor while they played a slow song. "Would you like to dance, Kate?" He asked. You smiled and said "I would love to Niall" after the dance the count down began! "5! 4! 3! 2! 1!" The ball drops and you all yell "HAPPY NEW YEAR" Niall turns you around and kisses you. When he pulls away you both hold hands and he asks "will you be my girlfriend, Kate?" "I would live to" you replied with a kiss.

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