One direction imagines

Its my first time here so i hope ya like it thanks so much for being so supportive n thank you for reading <3 I love you guys n I want u to know you are all beatiful to me and the 1D boys <3


10. Liam and Naomi

You were at the mall with your boyfriend Liam Payne, you both are wearing matching batman shirts and converses. You go to American outfitters to fi d something for you and him when a group of girls walk up to you and shove you. "You think your SOO special cos your with Liam? Figures only whores have that mentality!" You were confused cos 5 minutes ago you were minding your own business and now this? "Um..sorry?" You say. The girl shoves you again and you fall to the floor. "You heard me slut!! Stay away from Liam or else_" the girl got interrupted cos Liam said "or else what?" The girl froze and watched as Liam helped you up. You hid behind Liam. The girls laughed at you and Liam got mad and said "how about you girls get a life?! Picking on a girl who was minding her own business just because she's dating a guy from 1D?! That's pathetic!" The girls stayed silent until Liam said "go!" Then the girls left. "L-Liam you dint have to do that.." You said to him. He turned around and hugged you. "I will always protect you Naomi, your the Juliet to my Romeo" you blush as he leans down and kisses you. When he pulls away you say "I love you lee-yum" "I love you to nao-mee" he replied with a smile and a kiss.

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