One direction imagines

Its my first time here so i hope ya like it thanks so much for being so supportive n thank you for reading <3 I love you guys n I want u to know you are all beatiful to me and the 1D boys <3


5. Liam and Katie

Katie I got very little for how you wanted it to be so imma work with what I got ;) enjoy

You were sitting on your front porch with your best friend Liam talking when he said "shouldn't you be at Zayn's house?" And you looked at him and said "just cos me and him are dating doesn't mean we have to spend EVERY second together!" And Liam just chuckled. Then you got a text from zayn saying "Katie plz come over I miss you!!" You sighed and told Liam to drive you to Zayn's house. When you arrived, you got out of the car only to be hugged tightly by Liam. It was like he didn't want to let you go. You gave in and hugged him just as tight. You buried your face in his neck but jumped away when you heard zayn yell "KATIEE!!!!" Your eyes widen as zayn ran over and hugged you, twirling you around. You blushed when zayn leaned in and kissed you. As he lead into kissing your neck you said "zayn!!! Not on Liam's car!!" And he said "oh yeah sorry man" Liam gave a faint smile got in his car and drove off as zayn took you inside and pushed you onto the couch falling on top of you kissing your neck. You seemed unaffected by this when it was normally a turn on. Zayn got up off of you and said "are you in love with Liam?" You looked at him and said "zayn no I'm with you!" "THAT'S NOT WHAT I ASKED!" He yelled at you. You looked down and said "I'm in love with you, I'm with you zayn!" Hearing your voice crack as you start to tear up. "Not anymore your not!! I saw how he hugged you out there and you liked it!!! We are not together anymore!!" He said angrily. "Zayn please..!" You begged as he pointed to the door telling you to leave. You got up and walked out the door and called Liam. "Hello?" He said. "Liam can you pick me up?" You said trying to make your voice sound normal. "S-sure Katie" he said. You waited and cried until Liam showed up. Liam got out of the car and walked over to you. "Katie, what happend?" He asked. "Zayn he thought I was cheating when I hugged you, he got mad and now me and him aren't together anymore" you cried even more when you told Liam what happend. Liam sat next to you and held you in his arms, stroking your hair to get you to calm down. He stopped and blushed when you said "Liam, do you like me?" "Yes I do, I always have" he replied. You looked up and said "then kiss me" he pushed a strand of your black hair out of your face, leaned in and kissed you. He carried you to his car and drove to his house where you had a sleep over, made s'mores, and forgot all about zayn and focused on Liam.

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