One direction imagines

Its my first time here so i hope ya like it thanks so much for being so supportive n thank you for reading <3 I love you guys n I want u to know you are all beatiful to me and the 1D boys <3


11. Harry and Nicole

sorry it took so long..


you were at your first 1D concert and you stood in your spot holding up a sign that read "I <3 You Harry!!" Harry was used to it he looked at YOU and smiled. zayn had asked him who he was smiling at and harry pointed at you and zayn waved. you waved back with a slight laugh. after the concert as you were exiting the stadium paul grabbed your arm. "come with me." he said to you. Did I do something wrong? you thought to yourself. Paul led you backstage and signaled the boys to leave, except harry. paul left with the rest of the lads. harry gave you that adorable smile and said "hey im sorry but I saw you in the audience, um..w-whats your name?" "m-my names Nicole" you said trying to hold back your excitement. "such a pretty name." he said with a smirk. you nearly fainted at how perfect he was until he asked "why did you come alone?" you blinked, not knowing how to answer so you just said "well im single plus my friend is out of town for the week..." harry held up his hand to silence you. he walked over to you and pushed a strand of your brown hair out of your face and said "how could such a beautiful girl like you possibly be single?" you shrugged your sholders. 'I guess Im one of those girls who never gets a bf.." you say. "well..c-can I be your bf?" harry said with a nervouse blush on his face. "yeah!" you say with excitement. you move closer to him and hug him and he hugs you tight. "let me take u out after the show please?" he asked. you completely gave in and said "ill wait til everyone clears out." harry nodded and on stage and sang Little Things to you. everytime you would smile he would wink at you.

After the show had end you sat in ur seat in the balcony and waited for everyone to leave. when they did you walked backstage and greeted harry and the boys. they simply smile at you and watched as harry shoo them away. you giggled but stopped when harry glared at zayn who wouldnt leave. when the boys left harry took you to La Ville De Cuisine. the fanciest and most expensive resturant in town. you knew a little bit of french so it helped alot. when harry took you into the resturant, he pulled a chair out and allowed u to sit then he sat across from you. the waiter came over, obviously french, and said in his best american accent "may i take your order?" harry smilled and said "what do you want to drink angel?" you smirk and look at the waiter and said "une lemonade et une pepsi sil'vous ple." the waiter was tunned and looked at you and said "parle vous francaise?" "je parl petit." and he laughed and said "un minuet mademoiselle." you smied and said "merci."

harry looked at you and said "you speak french?" you smiled and said "a little bit" harry held yourhand from across the table and smiled. after yougot your drinks harry ordered you and him some steaks. after dinner harry drives you to your house. "thanks harry for tonight. it was fun!" you say in a sweet voice. harry smiled and said "its fine and Nicole i really like you, in fact i think i love you. can we do this again tomorrow? same time?" you pushed some of your hair behind your ear and said "id like that." harry then leaned in and kissed you.

you opend your front door and walked inside, but you door didnt close and hary walked in. he locked the door and had the cutest smile on his face. you looked at him curiously as he walked upstairs into your room. you followed him and watched as he laid on your bed. you just smile and get in your pj's. harry looks you up and down as you walk out of the bathroom and says "still beautiful" you smlle nd lay next him and turn on the tv to Ghost Adventures. when you fall asleep harry pulles you close to him so your head is on his chest and your had is intertwined with his.

harry plays with your hair and kisses your head. he blushes when you move closer to him wanting him to hol you tight, which he does. soon harry falls asleep and whenever a night mare starts he holds you tighter. you smile and stay close to him. when harry woke up you were in the kitchen making breakfast. harry comes out in nothing but sweatpants. he walks over to you and says "smells good baby whacha making?" you smile and say "omlets and bacon" harry loos at you with a devilish smirk and says "id rather eat something else. he picks you up and sits you on the counter and kisses you. you smile and say "never leave me." he smiles and says "i promise i wont."

after 4 months of the most perfect time of your life, harry came home very sad. you walked over and hugged him. he hugged you back only tighter and you stopped when you felt a drop of water fall on your shirt. you look up and harry lets go and walks upstairs. you follow him and watch as h starts packing his clothes while trying to hide his tears. "harry where r you going?" you ask. "we have to go back on tour Nicky boo n i wont be back for a year." he replies sobbingly.

you run over and hug him, wanting him to stop crying. he hugs and kisses you then walks downstairs, out the door and gets in his car and leaves. seconds later paul calls you and says "i forgot to tell harry that simon wants you to go with them!!" you hang up and pack your things and take a cab to the airport. you run over and hug harry, not caring if the boys saw. harry wipes his tears and says "why are you here?" you smile and reply "paul forgot to tell you that im going too!" harry's tears stop falling as he is overcome with so much joy that his picks you up twirls you around and kisses you. the boys were confused until louis whispered to niall "atleast this one is young" and zayn laughed and so did you, but you stopped after you saw harry glare at zayn.

when you landed in paris (aka the first stop) harry got out and took you to the hotel and later you had dinner on top of the eiffel tower. when you were about to say something harry told you to close your eyes so you did. when you opened your eyes, harry was on one knee with a ring and said in his weet cheshire accent "nicole, my sweet angel will you marry me?" you smiled and said "yes!" then you got cheers from everyone and when you kissed harry, litteral fireworks went off.

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