One direction imagines

Its my first time here so i hope ya like it thanks so much for being so supportive n thank you for reading <3 I love you guys n I want u to know you are all beatiful to me and the 1D boys <3


2. Harry and Luna

I was sitting on the beach with my friend when i saw my ex boyfriend jacob. He gave me a nasty look and made sure he kissed his new girlfriend infront of me. After he walked away i started crying and my friend was listening to her music. I sat on my towel my hands over my face when i heard a British accent that was almost calming. It said "hey are you alright?" I felt a warm hand touch my sholder. I looked up too see a man about my age that had curly brown hair and hazel eyes. Tears streamed down my face and i said "i-its nothing" and he replied "there has to be somthing wrong for such a beautiful girl to be crying" he sat next to me and held out his arms and hugged me. It was then that i realized he was Harry styles and i couldnt help but smile. "Now whats your name?" He asked. "L-Luna" i replied and he smiled and said "beautiful name for a beautiful girl" and i just blushed. He asked again why i was crying and i told him what jacob had done. He said "how about you date me? I'll make you happy i promise." And i nodded smiling. Just then jacob walked over with his new girlfriend and smirked and said "ha! Look babe shes so weak! She was crying!" And his gf started laughing. Harry got up and said to Jacob "you hurt her of corse shes gonna cry! Your pathetic! You put others down just to make yourself feel better! Well ya know what shes done with u! She has me now and nothing will change that! You may not love her like she is but i do!!!!" Jacob was scared then tears ran down his face and he walked away. Harry calmed down picked me up and kissed me. It was the best day of my life.

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