One direction imagines

Its my first time here so i hope ya like it thanks so much for being so supportive n thank you for reading <3 I love you guys n I want u to know you are all beatiful to me and the 1D boys <3


12. Abby and Harry

September 22, 2013:

you and harry had been dating for 3 years now and you had always been happy. the boys treated you like a little sister and harry always talkes about his future with you. one night harry had taken you out for a midnight stroll on a trail through the woods and when you got to the lake yu see that he had set up a candle light picanic. you gasped and looked at harry. he smiled and guided you to the blanket and sits with you. a smle spreads across his face as you and him feed eachother chocolate coverd strawberries. when you and him are finally lying dow looking at the stars he says "Abby you know i love you right?" you look at him and say "yeah i know and i love you too." harry smiled as he said "look up." when you did, a plane ran by that said "abby i love you so much, i wanna spend the rest of my life with you so will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" when you looked a harry he was olding a box with a beautiful ring in it. tears started falling from your eyes as you said "yes! yes i will!" you hug him tight after he slipps the ring on your finger and kisses you.

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