The End

A short story about a girl who is in the last moment of her life. Hope you like


2. The Eyes Of Grief

I woke to crying, the piercing shriek only heard form the utterly and hopelessly sad. I slowly sat up. It was a strange sensation, waking up and going to move but your body not following you, instead it was a shadow of myself that moved. A shadow of the me that was lying in a pool of her own blood at the foot of the bath in my hotel room.

The was deep cry from behind and as I turned I saw my parents, my mother on her knees, her tear ridden face covered by her wrinkled hands. My father stood behind just staring at my body, I don't know if it was the fact that I had never seen my dad cry or the fact that it looked like they cared so much that made me want to hug them.

As I went to touch my mom and tell her not to cry, that I wanted this. A blue transparent shield encased the air around her, I reached my hand again but the blue shield was like touching glass on a cold day. The hard shell didn't waver no matter how hard I tried. 

"Mom? Can you hear me?" I got no response. By this time I was starting to regret what I had done. I thought death would bring me salvation but i'm still here. I can still hear them. I didn't want to hear their cries anymore. I didn't want to look at the grief my parents felt for me. 

I closed my eyes and didn't dare try and open them until I felt a gush of wind fly straight past me. I could no longer here the gutteral sobs of my father or the whimpers of my mother. I could here laughter and birds.

"Stacey did you hear what happened to that Sammantha girl." A small brunet girl to my left was speaking to her friend. They were stood next to each other and yet the brunet still found the need to talk as loud as possible.

I was about to walk past when the blonde said;

"What? Samantha Reed? no way" I stopped and stared, how did this girl know my name?

"Well apparently on friday night her parents found her dead in the bathroom of the hotel they were staying at." The girl, who I realised was Becky from my school said all of this with a smile on her face as if she had just told Stacey that her favourite band were doing a concert in town. "She had cut her wrists, they found her in a pool of her own blood. I don't understand why you would do that? It's just gross and think of the mess?"

" Becky, she was probably just attention seeking and cut to deep. She's in my physics, she sits at the back on her own. Well she used to sit at the back." 

The two girls started laughing and then Becky added" I reckon she was probably just fed up of her retard uncle, you know the one in prison for killing that policeman. They say that the blood of a killer runs in the family. At least she only killed herself."

"Becky! You can't say that i'm sure she was perfectly sane, well as sane as you can be if you kill yourself. Come on were gonna be late for assembly."

As the two girls walked away I decided to follow them. I wanted to see the reaction I got from the school that had made my living life hell.


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