The End

A short story about a girl who is in the last moment of her life. Hope you like


1. The End, or is it the beginning?

I could feel it, the blood. Seeping, slowly from my body. Oozing out of the freshly made cut on my wrist.

 No pain. Just a feeling; one of anticipation. 

Heaven, I've never thought of the word realistically. Well, i have never been as close to this word as i am now. I read that it takes about 10 minuets of a bad cut to consistently bleed before i loose consciousness. Then another 20 before i slip into the deep, welcoming abyss of death and the inevitable nothingness that i will accept as a passing friend. 

I once wrote a poem about Death; everyone else in my class wrote death as a hooded man with a curved sickle. Yet mine described Death in all his glory. This omnipresent god like being always there: inevitable. Time is all it takes for everyone to met the beautifully hallowed face of Death and who disobeys time? 

People don't want to die,that is why they see death as unwanted. They are scared of the eternal nothing that would cloak us when we pass, yet i see it for what it is and i embrace it.

I welcome it.

I need it.

I have two small yet deep crevices in my arm created by the iridescent knife that i have hid in my room for the past three years. Silently, it would aid me in my relentless search for meaning, aid me in my punishment for not knowing my self. The knife that has helped me realise myself with every small, sharp mark it made on my pearly white skin.

If it helps, say to yourself it wasn't my daughter it was the knife. It was the knife's fault.

I wrote that to console my mother when she found me on the floor of my cold isolated bathroom. Shrouded in my own blood. I can imagine that the metallic tang of the blood would infiltrate her lungs and she wouldn't be able to look at my lifeless body. My fat lifeless body. The thing i have hated and not been able to look at. The disgusting shape, the discoloured marks, i add to the list every day. Well i did add to the list.

I feel it now. The calmness.

I surrender Death. Take me and don't bring me back.

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