Can I be fixed?

18 year old Claire Seymour is a piece of thin glass at the verge of breaking. She's had her mother taken away because of drug abuse and an absentee father that she hasn't seen since she was three. Now living in the garage of her grandparents' ranch she doesn't think that anything could ever go right for her. Then she meets a boy who's initials are H.E.S. A mysterious boy who she has been emailing and instant messaging for about a month. And when she finds out the truth...


2. Tickets in California.

It was a grey Saturday morning when I woke to a text from H.E.S.

Morning Clairey-Beary!

I smiled and replied.

C: Morning Henry.

H: Henry? 

C: Well your name starts with a H. I'm gonna call you Henry. 

H: Lol! Okay, so I'm going on another trip soon and I'm going to California...

C: COOL! That's where I live!

H: I know, so I also know that you like One Direction and they happen to be having a concert in Cali while I'm there. How 'bout I buy us tickets?

C: Sure, I'd love that. So when are you coming down? 

H: About two weeks...

C: I'll be looking forward to it.

H: I will email you your ticket, just print it off and you're good to go. Meet me back stage okay?

C: Backstage? How will I get backstage?

H: I know the drummer... He's a friend of mine. 

C: Oh cool, I will look forward to seeing you. 

H: Bye Clairey-Beary!

C: Bye Henry!

My smile faded as soon as I set the phone down. It was time to face the real world again. 

And that was a place I hated so dearly. 

My computer made a PING signalling an incoming email. 

I got up and made my way over to my laptop and plopped down on the computer chair. 

Opening up the tab I found a new message from Henry. 

Here's your ticket and backstage pass. Can't wait to meet you! 

And below was the ticket and backstage pass just as he said. 

I printed the page off and cut them out. 

Neatly placing them in the drawer of my computer desk and leaning back. 

I'm actually going to meet him. The guy I've been falling for, for the past month. And it's at a One Direction concert. Wow. I may be a almost broken piece of thin glass still, but I might get to be happy for a while. 

Just maybe...

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