Can I be fixed?

18 year old Claire Seymour is a piece of thin glass at the verge of breaking. She's had her mother taken away because of drug abuse and an absentee father that she hasn't seen since she was three. Now living in the garage of her grandparents' ranch she doesn't think that anything could ever go right for her. Then she meets a boy who's initials are H.E.S. A mysterious boy who she has been emailing and instant messaging for about a month. And when she finds out the truth...


4. Closer

I got closer with Amy, but not as close as I thought we would get. 

We talked occasionally, and we knew more about each other, I didn't tell her about H.E.S and the date we were to meet was drawing closer. One more week. 

I wasn't till Friday the nerves set in. 

I was pacing around my room and looking for what I was going to wear tomorrow. The concert was at 5:00 pm and I was super nervous. 

Then I realized I wouldn't know how to find him. So I grabbed my phone and texted him. 7

C: How will I find you tomorrow?

H: Ask one of the security guards for Henry Carl. 

C: Is that your real name?

H: No but, it's a name I like. 

C: Okay so I just ask one of the guards backstage for Henry Carl and they will bring you to me?

H: Yeap. 

C: Okay, gotta go get prepared for tomorrow. 

H: Bye Clairey-Beary!

C: Bye Henry!

I put my phone down and went back to my closet.

Finally at 1:30 am I found the perfect outfit. 

It was a blue dress with spaghetti straps and a pattern of little bouquets of flowers. A black varsity jacket over top, black leather military style boots, a small tan leather over-the-shoulder bag, my charm bracelet, heart locket necklace and pick jewel stud earrings. 

I was proud of myself for the accomplishment and right after I cleared off my bed, I crashed onto it. 

No dreams, just blackness, like my life. 

When I woke up, I was refreshed and I looked at my alarm clock and it read, 3:30 pm. 

I shot out of bed. I had one and a half hours to get ready, get down to the arena, get backstage, and meet H.E.S. 

I don't have enough time!

Rushing around frantically, I showered and dried my hair as fast as I could. Then I curled my hair lightly, put on my accessories and got dressed. 

When I looked at the clock on my phone, it was 4:30. 

No! I had a half hour to get to the arena. 

Frantically I pulled on my shoes, slung my purse with my money and phone inside over my shoulder and raced for the bus stop.


Outfit #3 --

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