Can I be fixed?

18 year old Claire Seymour is a piece of thin glass at the verge of breaking. She's had her mother taken away because of drug abuse and an absentee father that she hasn't seen since she was three. Now living in the garage of her grandparents' ranch she doesn't think that anything could ever go right for her. Then she meets a boy who's initials are H.E.S. A mysterious boy who she has been emailing and instant messaging for about a month. And when she finds out the truth...


6. Anger.


I heard footsteps from behind me and I resisted the urge to turn around. 

"Nice outfit, Clairey-Beary."

The voice sounded oddly familiar, and as I turned around, I realized why. 

H.E.S.... Was Harry Edward Styles.


I was to stunned to speak. 

The guy I'd been falling for, the guy I'd been talking to for the past month was... Harry Styles?

How? How had I not figured it out? The initials were so obvious. 

"Clairey-Beary?" Harry asked. 

I looked up at him and he must have seen the confusion in my eyes, because he explained. 

"Look, I couldn't tell you right off could I? No, because then you wouldn't have been yourself around me, and I had been falling for you since we first started talking and I couldn't jeopordize loosing you Claire." 

At first, I admit I was shocked. Then the anger set in. 

"I-I've been falling for you too," his face lit up. "But if you'd told me a week ago, when I still liked you, I wouldn't have acted different! You should have told me!" I stomped my foot.

"Claire, listen I-" 

"You what, Harold?" I demanded. "What's to stop me leaving right now?" I crossed my arms. 


"No, not anymore." I turned around and ran down the hall, leaving him speechless and staring after me. 

I left the backstage area. 

The arena was an outdoor arena so instead of taking my front row seat, I sat on the grass as far back as I could go. I knew he wouldn't see me from here. 

How could he? We'd been talking for a month! At one point, I knew One Direction has come up in our conversation. That would have been the perfect time to tell me that he was Harry Styles. 

Then the reality of what I just did sank in. 

I yelled at Harry Styles. What did I do? I have to apologize. But would he accept my apology? 

Finally deciding that I wouldn't be able to face him again, unless I knew he accepted my apology, I texted him.

C: Harry. I'm sorry for yelling at you... I was just mad that I didn't figure it out myself and that you hadn't told me.... Please accept my apology.

My phone was one of the ones where you could see if the person you were texting saw your message, and he saw the message, but he didn't reply.

I got up and headed back towards the backstage area and found a dressing room and didn't see any others, so, taking a breath I knocked and heard a, "Come in!" From inside and opened the door. 

When I walkied in, I saw Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn. 

No Harry.

"Uh, hi. I'm Claire..." I said standing awkwardly by the door. 

They all looked at each other before Louis finally spoke up. 

"You're the one Harry's been talking to for the past month?" 

I nodded. "Yeah, that's me..." 

"Are you looking for Harry?" Liam asked. 

"Yeah, actually. We had a bit of a fight earlier when I first saw him, and I mean that literally. The first time I meet him I find  ot he's Harry Styles and I got a bit angry and stormed out, and now I realize that was wrong and I wanted to apologize, because he wasn't answering my text..." I held up my phone to show them. 

"Oh, okay that makes sense." Niall said. 

Louis got up and held up a finger, as in, one minute. Then he walked over to a curtain I didn't notice at the back of  the room and He poked his head in and shouted, "Harold! Your girlfriend wants to talk to you!" As he yanked open the curtain, revealing Harry sitting on the floor, in a corner, on his phone. 

I blushed. 

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