Can I be fixed?

18 year old Claire Seymour is a piece of thin glass at the verge of breaking. She's had her mother taken away because of drug abuse and an absentee father that she hasn't seen since she was three. Now living in the garage of her grandparents' ranch she doesn't think that anything could ever go right for her. Then she meets a boy who's initials are H.E.S. A mysterious boy who she has been emailing and instant messaging for about a month. And when she finds out the truth...


3. Amy Carsero

I should tell you that the garage on my grandparents' ranch that I live in is built like an apartment room. Only a bit bigger. 

There is a kitchen, medium sized dining room, living room with a 30' television, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a small entry hall. 

So I made breakfast for myself and sat down in the living room to watch t.v and watch movies for the day. 

This is what I did every weekend. Unless I was talking with 'Henry'. 

The rest of Saturday and Sunday went by in a blur of, movies, t.v shows, texts, emails and IM's. 

Finally I woke up on Monday morning feeling as depressed as ever. 

I made myself get up and get ready for school. Throwing my hair into a messy bun, I grabbed a pair of black jogging pants and a navy blue tank top and pulled them on. Next, I grabbed my black heart locket and pulled that over my  head and slipped a black bejeweled bow ring onto one of my fingers and clipped my gold charm bracelet from my sister around my wrist. 

I grabbed my homework shoving it into my navy blue fabric backpack and slipped my red high tops on my feet as I walked out the door pulling my plain white hoodie on over my head then shouldering my backpack. 

The quarter-mile walk to school was slow and I swiftly made my way to my locker keeping my eyes down. 

I opened my locker and checked my schedule, grabbing the right books and hanging my backpack on a hook and re-locking my locker and heading to class. 

It was a constant routine. Get to school. Keep your eyes down. Go to your locker. Check schedule. Grab books. Close locker. Go to class. Keep your eyes down. Take notes as teacher talks. Go to next class. Keep your eyes down. Take notes as teacher talks. Go to next class. Keep your eyes down. Take notes as teacher talks. Go to lunch. Eat, and repeat till the final bell rings. Then go to locker. Grab things. Leave. 

It was the same every day. Till Thursday. That's when it changed. 

I was wearing grey jogging pants, a light light green and aqua striped t-shirt and a black Nike hoodie and my red high tops that day. 

I was sitting in Math and doing my work when the girl next to me spoke up. 

"You're Claire Seymour, right?"

I nodded and kept doing my work. 

"I'm Amy Carsero."

I smiled faintly at her and went back to my work, but she kept talking. 

"You know, everyone here says all these bad things about you, and I don't think they're true." 

I was slightly puzzled. 

"You don't?" I asked. 

"Nope! I think you're actually a really nice person. Just very shy, and not willing to open up to everybody just yet." 

"Well you're almost right, I am a really nice person but my mother was taken away from me for drug abuse and my father, I haven't seen since I was three. Now I live in my rich grandparents' garage and only see my sister a couple times a year." 

"That's so sad!" Amy exclaimed. 

I nodded and went back to my work. She slid a piece of paper across to me. It had her number on it and it said, Call me if you ever want to talk. 

I smiled a bit, then the bell rang. 


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