Lawrence Luck

Lawrence Mason has been pulled into the Spanish-American war in 1898.
20 years old with a baby on the way; he is ripped away from the love of his life and forced to fight against the Spanish in "Lawrence Luck"


2. Come Back

Lawrence's P.O.V.

I lashed out. I screamed and I kicked and I punched. They wouldn't let go. They hit her in the back of the head. She fell. They let her fall! With our baby inside her. She needs help! Why couldn't they help her? They throw me into the back of a big vehicle and tell me to change. There is a multi-green uniform, gun, and boots. I changed and sat down. Running my hands over my face and through my hair as I cried. Why did they have to do this? When I saw them coming through the woods I knew we had to hide. I couldn't just sit there and be gone when she awoke. I hope she's okay. I hope she remembers. I hope I'll still be there to provide for our child.


Marie's P.O.V.

I awake in a field. The back of my head is dried with blood and my arm is hurting. I stand up as best I could and look around. My house. My home. Its gone. They burned it. Where was I supposed to go? I couldn't walk through the woods? Not in my condition. I was with child for goodness sake! I need help. I scream and I scream for what feels like ages until I finally hear someone call back.
"Hello?" I scream.
"Hello! Is anyone there?"
"Yes! Yes please help me!"

"Are you injured?"
"I think so, but not badly. My head is bleeding. I'm with child!" I look around trying to find the voices. Thats when I see them walk through the trees. They see me and run to me. The tears sting my eyes again. I'm fearing for my husband, my child and myself. They get to me and one of them picks me up. The other leads the way. He was able to carry me all the way through the woods and into town. They bring me to the local saloon and get me something to eat and drink. They don't ask questions until I'm done with my food.
"So whats your name?" The older gentleman asks.
"Marie, Marie Mason."
"I'm John and this is my son Peter." I nod my head and they give me a small smile.
"You are welcome to stay at our house along with my wife Sarah."
"Thank you both, so much."
"So where is your husband?"
"They took him. He is to fight in the war."

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