Lawrence Luck

Lawrence Mason has been pulled into the Spanish-American war in 1898.
20 years old with a baby on the way; he is ripped away from the love of his life and forced to fight against the Spanish in "Lawrence Luck"


3. A Year and a Half Later

Marie's P.O.V.

I get up to feed my baby girl. Olivia Rose Mason. She's so beautiful. Brown eyes like her father. His gorgeous brown eyes that I miss oh so much. She has my curly red hair and my nose. I tell her something new about him everyday. She doesn't quite understand yet but she will. I have heard that we had won the war. I haven't heard from him in so long. I cry almost every night. John, Peter and Sarah have been so kind to me. Sadly, John passed away a few months ago. He was supposed to be Olivia's god-father. She called him Gomo and she called Sarah Noma. I consider them her grandparents also. I don't have any family and neither does Lawrence. There are a few knocks on the door. It's weird because Peter is usually the one to answer but he had to go out today. I walk to the door and open it.


Lawrence's P.O.V.

I've been looking everywhere for the past 4 months. I don't know where she could be. I checked where our house used to be. It burned down according to the neighbors. I looked through all the stores and all the houses. This was my last hope. My last house. Please say she was here. Her and my baby. I need to know that she is alright. So that we can carry on our lives together. I stayed alive for them. I barely used my amo. I hid behind trees and brush, escaping so many bullets. I knew that this had to be it. For if it wasn't, I would lose all hope for my life. I out-stretch my hand and knock on the door. It takes a minute or two but when I look up the door is open. Standing there are those ice blue eyes that I had missed since they day they ripped our hands apart. Her crazy red hair flowing in the light breeze. She can't see my face, for it is covered in scratched, dirt and dust. She might not recognize me but I surely recognize her, even without the big bump. I swing my arms around her squeezing her and crying knowing I had survived and she was the reason why I tried. I could hear her sobs through mine. She wrapped her hands around my neck pulling me closer. I pull away and take her face in my hands and kiss those amazing lips again. After about 10 minutes of this she releases me and grabs my hand pulling me up a flight of stairs.
"I want you to meet some people." We walk into a room to see a boy in his late 20's. He looks up from his book as we walk in.
"Peter, this is Lawrence. My husband." She says as she looks from me to him with her amazing smile. He stands up and offers a hug. I gladly take him into my arms even though I had just met him.
"It's so nice to finally meet you and to know you are still here with us. Have you introduced him to Mum yet?"
"No not yet, but I'm on my way right now." She smiles. She pulls me down the stairs and out a back door.
"Sarah!" She yells.
"Yes deary?" An older woman replies from the raspberry bushes. We run to her and she smiles holding her hands up to her lips.
"Is this who I think it is."
"Yes it is. Sarah, this is my husband, Lawrence." She takes me into her arms as Peter had just minutes before.
"We are so happy you are here. You are so handsome too." She gives Marie a small smile and a wink.
"I'll be in soon to fix you both some lunch."
"Alright!" Marie replies. "I want you to meet one more person." We run back into the house and into a small room with a bed and a dresser. Nothing very fancy. And then I saw the crib. I look her in the eyes and she nods. I walk over and inside was the most beautiful baby girl I could of asked for. Red curly hair and brown eyes. Small freckles on her cheeks. She's so beautiful. I'm so happy I survived this. I can't wait to start my life all over again with my queen and my little princess.

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