Horan Or Malik?


2. Horan Or Malik?

Riley's POV So we had just arrived at the club and Harry and Niall are already drunk somewhere. I've had about 2 or 3 drinks. I'm sitting at the bar alone while the boys are dancing. I laugh as Louis and Harry grind on each other. Soon I'm joined by a good looking guy around 20 years old. "Hey babe." He says to me, obviously trying to hit on me. "Hello." I reply being friendly. "Dance with me?" He says suddenly. "Yeah sure let me just ask my boyfriend over there if he's okay with it." I say sarcastically and get up to go dance with Niall. The guy watches me closely but then walks away after a while. We stay at the club until we are all completely hammered, including Liam. Some random guy called us a cab so we waited outside. The cab came soon and we all piled in. I ended up sitting on Niall's lap and I could totally feel his boner on my ass. When we got in the house we all fell asleep wherever we were standing. *next morning* I woke up on the couch with Harry not remembering a thing from last night. I sat up and groaned because of the massive headache. I slowly got up and walked sleepily over to the bathroom where we kept the Advil. I sat in the kitchen and decided to go on twitter, so I pulled out my phone. I scroll through all the tweets and decided to tweet something about last night. '@rileymschmidtxox: wow don't really remember much but I'm assuming last night was great.' I clicked the tweet button and watched my mentions blow up with replies from fans. 'Did u and Niall bang?' Typical fan. 'R u having another kid?' Let's hope not. 'What does Niall see in you?' Wow. Ouch. 'You re amazing Riley and Niall is so lucky to have you in his life!' Aww thanks.   Well that's enough twitter for now. Soon the rest of the boys wake up and we find random things for breakfast.  
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