Horan Or Malik?


1. Horan Or Malik?


Riley's POV I have 2 kids. 2 girls to be exact. 1 belongs to my boyfriend. The other belongs to my best friend. 1 kid is a Malik. The other is a Horan. And I'm a Schmidt.   You see, me and Niall Horan have been together for a year now. One night we were home alone and we had sex but we forgot the condom and along came Mackenzie Marie Horan. But a year before that I was at a club and was pretty drunk. This guy by the name of Zayn Malik came along and we had drunk sex so along came Nicole Elizabeth Malik. Me and Niall weren't together yet so it was fine but the problem was that I was 18 Zayn was 19 and we had no clue what to do. Plus Zayn had a girlfriend. She broke up with him but we didn't get together. We have never been more than friends. Niall was a lot of help and we ended up going out one night and we've stayed with each other for a year. So now I'm 19 years old taking care of a 1 year old and a 10 month old.   "Honey I'm home!!" The one and only Louis Tomlinson yells as he walks into mine and Niall's flat. "Mmm what smells so good?" He says as he meets me in the living room watching Dora The Explorer with Mackenzie and Nicole. "Uh popcorn?" I say like its a fact he should know. His mouth forms an O shape. He sits down beside me and puts Nicole on his lap. "Well hello beautiful." He says. Nicole laughs. "Hi uncle Lou." "So where are the rest if the boys?" I ask curiously. "Oh they went to the mall or something." "And you didn't go?" I gasp. "Shut up." He pretends to cry. "Don't worry it's ok uncle Lou." Nicole laughs at him. "Mommy I'm hungry." Nicole whines. "Yeah I'm hungry." Louis pipes in. I roll my eyes. "What would you like for lunch?" I ask. "PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!!" Louis screams. "Yeah! Peanut butter sandwiches!" Nicole agrees. "Ok fine but Louis, you're making your own sandwich." I say. Louis pouts. I get up and set Mackenzie on the floor in front of the tv. I make my way to the kitchen and Louis follows. We both make sandwiches and he goes to get the girls. He hands me Mackenzie and he picks up Nicole. We place them in their high chairs and give them the sandwiches. Me and Louis sit together at the table and we start a conversation. "You know, Zayn's not too happy about this." "What do you mean?" I ask confused. "Whenever we come over here the girls both call Niall 'daddy', when really Zayn is one of their daddy's too." He explains to me. My heart sinks. I knew this was gonna be a problem at some point. Nicole and Mackenzie know Niall as daddy and Zayn as Uncle Zayn. "I know." Is all I can answer. "There's gotta be something you can do." "They're way to young to understand any of this. I'm too young to understand this even." I confess to him. He nods. Soon the door opens and reveals the rest of the boys. Nicole and Mackenzie turn their heads. "Daddy!" They yell. "Um I feel a little offended." Harry jokes. "Sorry uncle Harry." Nicole answers. Harry laughs. Niall comes towards me and kisses my cheek. "How has your day been so far?" He asks sweetly. "It's been good how's. yours been." "It's been... Interesting." He laughs. I smile. "So Riley, we were thinking we'd go to a club tonight. Wanna join us?" Liam asks smiling. I think about it. I haven't been to a club since Nicole was born. Harry makes a joke. "Zayn's gonna be there. You sure you want another kid?" Nobody laughs and Niall, Zayn and I become really uncomfortable. Liam slaps him in the arm. "Idiot." He mumbles. I finally answer. "I'd love to."
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