Turn Back Time

Desdemona had always had it rough from her father after he abandoned her and her brother, Dorian; but when the man shoots Dorian, she swears her revenge...
She begins working on a machine that would allow her to re-enter her eight year old self, but keep her current knowledge, so that she may save her brother who died all those years ago. But can she manage it? Or will her past come back to haunt her before she has time?

(Current coverart is only temporary, proper coverart coming soon.)


4. Getting Started

I woke with a start. A cold hand had gripped mine. I looked around to see that I was still in my clothes from yesterday and that I had fallen asleep on top of the covers. Hudson stood there, gripping my hand.

“What’s up?” I rubbed my eyes with my free hand.

“I have experienced sadness!” He seemed pleased with himself.

“You’re a robot, Hudson.”

“Well, I wasn’t the sad one, but I witnessed it!”

“Who was it?” I yawned.


“What!” I jumped back. Had he been watching me?

“I saw you crying last night!”

“If you wanted emotions, you should feel guilty that you watched me.” I glared at him.

“Oooh, what is this guilty? Have you ever felt guilty?”

“Guilt is a bad feeling,” I began, “it means you know that you’ve done something wrong, or there was something you could have done that you didn’t.”

“You have experienced it!” he edged closer, “You must tell me more!”

“No, Hudson,” I snapped, finally losing my temper, “You need to know your limits!”

I turned away from him, wiping tears from my eyes.


That’s when he wrapped his metallic arms around me.

“I feel very guilty, Desdemona. Very guilty. I tried to make you talk about something that upsets you. I feel guilty.”

“What are you doing Hudson?” I gasped as his arms tightened and restricted my lungs.

“I believe it is called a hug,” he said, “Films use it to make someone feel better. Do you feel better?”

“I would if I could breathe.”

He let me go and I gasped for breath.

“You have a lot to learn Hudson,” I said once I had returned to my regular breathing rate.


I thought that Skylar would definitely realize that something was different about Hudson; but he either didn’t notice or just didn’t mention it.

A few days later, we started to work on the machine itself. Judging by the drawings, it was going to be a metallic chamber around the size of two toilet cubicles. Inside, a series of wires would connect the machine to the head of the person inside. There would also be a panel where you type in the date and time that you want to go to.

It was complicated science and I was at a loss. Having never gone to school, I lacked many of the basic skills required for such a task. We worked all through the night and finally finished at 3 in the morning to have a day off.

I walked through the deserted city streets towards my apartment. It was dark and several of the streetlamps had shorted out. The robots were meant to come and repair broken things immediately; something was wrong. I quickened my pace, hoping that I was only being paranoid; but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was being watched…

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