Turn Back Time

Desdemona had always had it rough from her father after he abandoned her and her brother, Dorian; but when the man shoots Dorian, she swears her revenge...
She begins working on a machine that would allow her to re-enter her eight year old self, but keep her current knowledge, so that she may save her brother who died all those years ago. But can she manage it? Or will her past come back to haunt her before she has time?

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2. A Bribe for Hudson

I woke in a cold sweat. The thin bed sheets clung to my body and my heart pounded in my chest. For 12 years, I had been haunted by the memory of my brother’s death. I sighed and swung my legs out of bed.

Since then I had worked for a better life. I was currently a scientist’s assistant. He was meant to be as mad as a hatter, but I thought different. He studied time travel; to most Londoners this was a laughable profession. But not to me.

I twisted my long hair back into a ponytail, tucked my locket down my t-shirt and set of for work.

It was still extremely dark when I left my apartment building. My heeled boots clicked along the uneven pavement. It was the morning of the 31st of December and I intended to visit Dorian’s grave before I started my work for the day.

The cemetery gates creaked as I opened them. The cemetery was packed with headstones, mainly of those who had died during the Cardiochlea outbreak of 2022. Cardiochlea was a terrible disease that caused the heart to swell up until blood could no longer fit through the valves inside.

I finally reached the grave I had been looking for. It was only small; moss was growing over the letters and cracks had formed down it. Whether these were due to weathering or Evan’s rage, I did not know. I knelt down and rubbed off most of the moss so that the lettering was clear;

Here lies Dorian Boese


Died aged 14

It wasn’t much, but I was sure that he would be happy knowing that I came at least four times a year.

I pulled the locket out from my t-shirt and opened it. Inside was a picture of Dorian. I held the locket close to me and closed my eyes. I hadn’t ever known how to pray, and I felt that if God had existed, he would have helped the two of us find food and shelter when we lived on the streets. So I spoke to Dorian in my head and hoped that he was listening; it was all I could do.

As the first light of dawn fell onto my face I stood up and left.

Once I reached the lab, I typed in the security code in the keypad beside the door and walked in.

When I enrolled as an assistant, I thought that I would help to do some real work. Instead all it was was filling out paperwork and making notes on the experiments. I sat down at my desk; it seemed that not even Doctor Black was here yet.

“Good ee-va-nink.” Called a shaky metallic voice from behind me.

“It’s the morning Hudson,” I sighed as I turned round in my chair to face the robot, “I think you need your batteries replaced.”

“Why can’t I be ay humine?” the robot sighed as I plugged him into the wall, ready to replace his batteries.

“You wouldn’t want to be a human,” I sighed, patting his smooth arm, “we can get hurt; you’re made of titanium.”

“Burt I want emoltions.” He protested.

“No you don’t.” I said as I wrenched out his large battery and set it on the table.

“Yes I do!” He grabbed my arm as I reached for the fresh battery. His eyes may only be on a digital display where a face should be, but they seemed to look sad. But that was stupid, robots had no emotions.

“Hudson,” I looked into his eyes, “I would give anything to be like you; to feel no emotions; to feel no pain.”

“Why would you not want emotions?” He sat up with a jolt, “Emoltions are bootiful! I have watched all the movies on my hard drive and emoltions are importand!”

“You’ve been watching romance movies again haven’t you?” I placed the fresh battery inside his chest and shut the door, “If you had known sadness you wouldn’t want emotions.”

“I know what you’ve been through!” His rectified voice pleaded.

I stepped back, terrified. I had kept my past a secret from everyone I met.

“I searched you on the internet. It was long though.”

I thought that changing my last name would be enough; that becoming Desdemona Soma might hide my past.

“I will teach you emotions if you promise to not tell anyone what you know about me.”

“I promise! I promise!” He clapped.

“But you can’t tell the doctor that I’m doing this for you, okay?”

“I cross my circuit board!”


“Ms. Soma? Are you here?” Called an eccentric voice from the hall.

“Coming Doctor Black!” and I ran down to see what crazy idea he had come up with this time, hoping beyond hope that it wouldn’t get us in trouble with the local police department again…

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