Only You {Completed}

Ashley is a regular Directioner. One day when she's at a concert, she falls and hits her head. She blacks out and when she wakes up, she's in a bus with 5 adorable, sweet guys. What will happen next? Who will she fall for? Read to find out!


4. Tour Bus

When I finally woke up, I felt dizzy and my head hurt really badly. I noticed I was in a bunk. Like those ones you see on tour buses of famous people in those "exclusive" TV shows. I got up and walked down a small hallway into what looked like a small living room. I could tell for sure that this was a bus and that it was moving.

As I walked in I almost screamed.

There.... Sitting on the couch in front of me... was.....LIAM and LOUIS and NIALL and HARRY and ZAYN. They must have heard me walking in because they all turned around and Harry said,"Good Morning Love, or should I say Good Evening Love."

"" I managed to stutter. "What a-are you d-doing here?"

"Well, this is our bus.." Louis smirked.

"Thank you Captain Obvious." I replied. "I'm sorry, my head hurts and I am still in shock. What am I doing here?"

"Well you fell and hit your head and blacked out so we felt bad and we decided to take you on tour with us." Liam smiled.

I stifled back a scream and smiled politely. "Thank you. I think this will be fun. Oh, who am I kidding... This will be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THANK YOU!!!" I went and hugged each of them. We each suppressed a giggle.

"So, Ashley, what would you like to do today?" Niall asked.

"Ummm... Considering I'm going on tour with you guys, and that I have no clothes-" I started

"SHOPPING!!!!" Louis screamed.

"Yes" I giggled


We hopped out of the bus, only to be swarmed by the paparazzi. All the boys stood around me in a circle protecting me.

"Who is that?"

"Is that your girlfriend?"

We walked into the mall, only to be swarmed by fans. UGH enough with the swarming. I know the fans are important but they can get a little out of hand sometimes. Thank god for Paul.


We finally made it out of the mall alive.

We went back to the tour bus and Niall groaned,"I'M HUNGRY"

"I'll order pizza!" Zayn called. He ordered 6 pizzas, One for each of us. The order was:

Harry: Pepperoni

Zayn: Cheese

Niall: Meat lovers delight

Me: Sausage and extra cheese

Liam: Vegetable

Louis: Pepperoni and sausage

We all ate our pizzas, the boys eating all of theirs and me eating half of mine. I then let out a fat man burp. They all stared at me and burst out laughing. I did to. 

Harry finally managed to say,"Wow! I've never heard a girl burp like that!"

"Well I'm not a super girly-girl, so yea."I replied. "Lets watch a movie!"

We decided on Pitch Perfect. It got a little awkward at parts but it was fun. We then decided to hit the sack. I fell asleep with the boys in mind and I realized that this has been the best day EVER.






Hey guys, sorry for such short chapters. I see that I am on 2 fav lists and I have 2 likes as well as 23 views. Please don't be ghost readers and comment! Thank you for reading, liking, and favoriting! 

<3- B xx

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