Only You {Completed}

Ashley is a regular Directioner. One day when she's at a concert, she falls and hits her head. She blacks out and when she wakes up, she's in a bus with 5 adorable, sweet guys. What will happen next? Who will she fall for? Read to find out!


11. Liam's Date

Hey guys! I have 10 likes so I'm going to update now! Yay!

Okay so, that last chapter, the one with 'Rick', I decided that's not the story line I want. So if your wondering in the story where he is, that's why. I'm feeling lazy so l didn't edit it out. So just forget that happened. If you want something with a crazy boyfriend, my new movella, "Irish Cutie" has one. So Rick never happened. Sorry 'bout that. 

"Dreams are like stars. You may never touch them, but if you follow them, they will lead you to your true destiny."

                                                    -Liam Payne


After reading and replying to all my texts, I thought we should all watch a movie.  

We decided on a old movie called "Eight Below". (A/N I watched that today so that's why)

Niall went to get the snacks, soda, and popcorn. I snuggled in between Harry and Liam.

It was a truly amazing, heart touching story. I cried into both the boys shoulders multiple times. It made me cry harder knowing that it really happened. 

After we finished, I went and changed into my baby pink, teddy bear fluffy pj pants and a brown tank top. I put on my fuzzy socks and snuggled under the duvet. 

Each of the boys came in and kissed me goodnight. I could tell Liam and Harry wanted a kiss on the lips though. 

I soon closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep. 


I woke up to the smell of pancakes and sausage. 

I walked in and saw all the boys at the table eating. 

I grabbed what was left -not much- and sat down with the rest of the boys and started eating. 

When we finished, Liam pulled me to the side and told me we were going on his date. 

"Oh and by the way," Liam started before I could walk away, "Wear a bathing suit." He winked at me. 

What the heck? Are we going to the pool or something? I would find out soon enough so I just went to my room and pulled on my bikini. It was a British flag. I pulled on a cover up and walked outside. The boys were all sitting there and they whistled. Didn't this already happen on Harry's date?

I strolled up to Liam and hooked my arm in his. We walked out to his car. The paps and fans were already swarming us. 

We got in and drove off. 

"Liuuum." I groaned.

"Yes Love?" He smirked. He knew I was trying to make him tell me where we were going.

"Teeell meee." I begged. "No."

Then he parked the car and walked over to my side.

He opened the door and opened the glove box. 

"What are you doing?" I asked. He pulled out a blindfold and blindfolded me. 

"UGH!!! LIAM." I sighed. We drove the rest of the way listening to the radio and me complaining. 

We finally stopped and I heard him open his car door. He walked to my side and helped me out. I heard birds and water. He spun me around and kissed me while I was still blindfolded. He pulled away and spun me again. He took the blindfold off and I looked in front of me. 

There was a boat, sitting on a beautiful lake. I gasped. 

"Is this what were doing?" I whispered. "Yes." Liam replied. 

I starting jumping up and down while Liam was laughing at me. 

"I LOVE boating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed. Liam couldn't stop laughing. 

We walked to the boat and he helped me on. 


I walked up to the boat and hugged my dad. 

"I can't wait to go on daddy!" I told him he helped me on and we rode off.


I smiled. I was only 6.

I got in and Liam started it and we drove off. After a while of riding, we found a little cove. Liam dropped the anchor and the ladder.

"Careful. Don't hit the prop. It will hurt." He warned me. 

I nodded and jumped in. He wasn't far behind. Liam slipped under the surface so I couldn't see him. I was looking around, I couldn't find him. Suddenly, He grabbed my waist. I screamed but he silenced me by coming up and kissing me. We pulled away and I splashed him. In the flying water, it was my turn to slip under the surface. I jumped up and onto his back. He fell back and we both fell in the water.

After our splash fest, we climbed on the boat. 

We drove around for the rest of the day and swam some. At sunset,  Liam took my hand and we laid down on the floor. We watched the sunset and he kissed me. 

Kiss at sunset on a lake? Super romantic. 

When we drove back I was thinking about both dates.

I think I made my decision.

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