Only You {Completed}

Ashley is a regular Directioner. One day when she's at a concert, she falls and hits her head. She blacks out and when she wakes up, she's in a bus with 5 adorable, sweet guys. What will happen next? Who will she fall for? Read to find out!


10. Him

Hello Royal Carrots! Sorry 'bout the late update. I have a really bad stomach ache and I had nothing else to do so, Hope you like the Chapter!

"Your only given one little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it."

                                                                      -Robin Williams


 We both pulled away blushing. 

We drove home in silence. When we got home I went straight to my bed to think. 'I didn't feel the spark I did with Liam when I kissed Harry. I think I like Liam more but I'll just have to see on his date.' I thought to myself.

I got out my phone, the one I haven't checked since I got here. There were:

50 new messages from 'Mom'

49 new messages from 'Dad'

100 new messages from 'Austin' 

I rolled my eyes at that last one. I had a crazy brother.

Then I scrolled down.

1 new message from 'Rick'


I screamed and dropped my phone. All the boys came running in. 

"What's wrong?!" Niall asked, panic clear in his voice.

" ex b-b-boyfriend just t-t-texted me." I said. I could barely get the words out.

"Whats wrong with that?" Zayn asked confused.

"H-h-he abused m-m-me." I barely whispered. The tears were coming fast now.

"Oh Ashley, I'm so sorry." Liam pulled me into his arms.

In the wet blur I saw Harry's fists clench. I rested my hand on his arm and he relaxed a bit. 

"Can I see the text?" I asked Liam who was holding me tight so I couldn't move. He let me go and I cautiously walked over to my phone and picked it up. I unlocked it and clicked on his name. I had changed my number but he apparently found it.

The text said: 

'A superstar? Really? I will get you and you'll be mine again. Forever.'



Sorry for the short chapter! I'll update again when I have 10 favs or Likes.

-Becka xx 

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