A Very Problematic Problem

Rated yellow just in case!!

In a drunken daze, 29 year old Cian Davies stumbled upon a trap door, little did his drunken mind know, but he was about to change and way of the world, and it wouldn't be in a good way, at all!

When the adults disappear after a sudden burst of light the kids think that it is no coincidence that the opener of the mysterious trap door is the only adult left. The age of the remaining kids is 17 and under, and Cian Davies is 29.

Strange things are beginning to happen in the changed Earth, some of the kids are developing mysterious powers, some use them well, some, not so much. When evil creatures begin to appear, the kids must really fight for their lives, there's also that problem of starvation and dehydration, yep.


1. Cian Davies


Cian Davies was feeling dizzy. Very dizzy. Well, that was probably what happened after drinking 10 pints of beer, he mused. Beer was his life, beer should be the way of everyone's life, Cian could always forget about every single little problem in his life when he glugged down a pint of beer, but the problem would still be leering in his not-that-big brain after a pint, so he had another pint, and another, and a few more. And it worked!! He could no longer remember what his problems were! Actually, he couldn't remember anything, but he didn't mind. Staggering out of the rapidly blurring pub, what was its name again? 'The Stinky Duck'? He liked that name, it was funny, so that's what he settled on, until his drunken mind forgot it again.


The Obscurite writhed and squirmed under the heavy weight of the deep, dark, damp Earth. Pink, fleshy worms wriggled along with him, but he was the only one who should be wriggling, the worms company was getting dull. A flash of blinding white light and the worms wriggled no more. The Obscurite laughed, a long, deep, rumbling laugh, the Earth shook in the area surrounding him- soon, soon he would be free...


Cian knew it was maybe slightly early for most people to be drunk, but that made him feel special he was the drunkest of the lot!! He was outside that pub place again, he had just been sick and he was waiting giddily for someone to step in it, how fun! Now, what was this pub’s name? Oh… yes! ‘The Stinky Duck’, maybe? It had a word rhyming with moose, oh yes!! Goose, but a duck was the same as a goose, right? His woozy mind didn’t really care. He looked at his reflection in the puddle that he had been sick in, he could still see himself, through the sick.

Maybe you are wondering what our dear Cian looks at when he sees his reflection? I really wouldn’t want to know, if I were you, but here we go.

 He has greasy hair. He never washes it; well he does, once a year. His hair is thin and has a mousey brown look. I can see you looking repulsed already. He also has a disgusting beard, that reeks of alcohol, if you look closely, which most people don’t do, and I wouldn’t advise it, you would see that in the hairy mess of a beard, there are bits of food and crumbs that have fallen out of his mouth, yes, he is a really messy eater- and no- he doesn’t wash his beard either.  He stinks, like really bad, like his hair, he only washes once a year, he smells like cheese left out in the sun to rot for a month, and then someone sniffs at it… RUN AWAY, NOW!! Well, yeah, that’s what Cian smells like. His clothes are like a beggar’s, he is like a beggar, no money, well, he did, until he began to drink. His clothes aren’t only torn and dirty, but they smell really bad too, of beer, of everything alcohol. Cian’s special perfume, alcohol. It isn’t exactly top of the range. Cian has an extreme beer belly, but the rest of his features, especially his face, aren’t exactly… round. He has a pointy chin, and the skin hangs off him, like someone wrung him out like a towel, leaving the excess skin to flap around his poor excuse for a face, and his legs, and his arms.

 Cian used to be a handsome young bloke. Extremely handsome, in fact- all the girls would happily jump into his arms, but his only one true love was beer, and that wasn’t about to change. Now all the girls would happily jump out of his arms, and run away screaming.

 The dramatic change to Cian’s appearance, and his life, all started 5 years ago…

When Cian’s parents were killed.


Cian laughed, he loved this, spending time with his parents, they acted the age of 24, the same age as him, and it suited him just fine! Cian and his parents were spending the day at the theme park. Yeh, yeh, a 24 year old, at a kids theme park, along with his parents. Not cool. But to Cian, it was the best day of his life. What could beat the exhilarating thrill of speeding at a hundred miles a minute down the famous ‘Rollercoaster Rocket’? It was his life’s ambition, and now he had done it. Cian was still a kid at heart, and he was pleased to be!!

Then it happened. It felt as if he was flying, and he was!! He found himself floating in the air, high enough to watch what happened next. His parents were staring up at the flying Cian in horror, mouths agape. Their 24 year old son was flying! And then they were wrenched out of their seats. It was like watching a horror movie played in slow motion.

The car that Cian and his parents had been riding in lifted up into the air, and then as Cian’s parents were wrenched out of their seats it crashed to the ground. Sending up a cloud of dust and smoke from the engine. It was like Cian’s parents were puppets, attached to invisible strings, they jerked around, pain and terror etched on their faces, then their necks snapped back, and the eyes that held such love and pride when fixed on Cian, saw no more. The tumbled to the ground, the puppeteer had cut their strings; they were no use to him now.

Cian himself was cut free of the strings suspending him in mid-air, and as he crashed to the ground, he thought he heard a rumble, below the Earth, just a slight shake, as if someone was laughing, then nothing, just black.


Everyone had said that it was a freak accident; the onlookers claimed that the car they had been riding in had become loose and fell, killing Cian’s parents. Cian was the only one alive, he stayed in the hospital for a few days, for his bruises to wear off. Everyone claimed that it was a miracle Cian hadn’t been killed too. They said that God had found favour in him, but they were wrong, God hadn’t found favour in him, but something else had…

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