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9. Chapter 9

“I'll make you feel good.” Harry stated as he placed his giant hands on my thighs. He leaned over to me peppering my skin with soft kisses. He moved his hands down and started untying my shoes and removing them with my socks. Harry grabbed his shirt and whipped it over his head, I stared in awe at his toned stomach and chest. I placed my hands up on his chest and ran my fingers over his smooth tan skin. Running my fingers through all the crevasse and creases. Harry grabbed my hands with his and removed them from his chest. “I'm here to make you feel good, not the other way around.” He protested. I started to blush then he cupped my chin with his hands and kissed me again. His hands dropped from my chin and moved down my middle fisting my shirt. Harry continued kissing as he moved his hands to pants, he started unbuttoning them. He grabbed the band of my jeans and started pulling down, I lifted my hips to make it easy. Harry removed them from my ankles and I sat there in my shirt and underwear. Harry pushed my back on the bed and I was now laying down and my legs hung over the bed with him hover over me again. He bent down and moved my shirt up exposing my stomach. Harry placed his soft pink lips on my torso covering it with kisses. I let out small whimpers as he moved down me, stopping at the band of my underwear. His hands danced around my hips as he breathed hot and heavily on my area. “Harry.” I whispered as I place my hand at the nape of his neck and tugged on his curls. “I've got you Rickie.” Was all Harry said before he moved my underwear to the side. I leaned up slightly and watched as he placed a finger in his mouth wetting it. Harry traced over my entrance teasing me. Harry used his thumb to rub back and forth on my clitoris sending amounts of pleasure through my body. My breathing increased and I let out a moan. Harry got the hint that I enjoyed it and slipped his long finger inside of me. I tighten my grip on his hair and gasped for air as he moved it in and out of my slowly. I could feel the ridged and knuckles of his finger as he curled it up. Harry continued rubbing my clit while pumping his finger inside me sending me in a euphoric state. Harry pulled his finger out and stuck it back in his mouth, a deep moan vibrated through him. He grabbed my underwear and pulled it all the way to my ankles and removed them throwing them next to my jeans. He grasped my thigh pulling me closer to him. Harry moved his head lower and I felt his hot breath move through me. Harry lick up entrance to my clit, moving over it. I fisted the cover and tried to shut my thighs, but Harry's body was in the way. “Harry.” I moaned as he traced over my entrance again and again. He moved his finger back up and placed it back inside me while he sucked on my clit. “Rickie, you're fine.” He assured me, making me feel safe. I could feel the deep heat in my stomach coming, I grabbed even tighter at Harry's curls. “Come on Rickie.” Harry urged as he pumped his finger in and out curling it inside me. I arched my back up off the bed and let out a small scream as my lower body twitched with pleasure. I kept trying to shut my legs but Harry wouldn't allow it as I released my self in front of him. “Good girl.” He stated as he ran his finger up my newly sensitive area collecting what I just released on his finger, then putting it in his mouth and sucking on it. “You taste so good.” He complimented as he slid up next to me. I tugged on my shirt trying to cover myself as I bent down to pick up my underwear and put them back on.

“That felt wonderful.” I confused as I straddled Harry on the bed. He smirked up at showing off his dimples. “Told you I would make you feel good.” He replied as he placed a hand on the small of my back pulling me in closer. I planted kisses on his neck, moving my way upwards to his face. Harry moved his hand down to under my thigh and his other hand joined him. I kissed the side of his mouth and moved over to kiss his swollen lips. I pressed his chest and pushed him backwards so I was now laying on top of him and continued kissing him. When I stopped and pulled back he was staring at me.

“What?” I playfully asked. His dark brown curls were a mess, his pink lips swollen, and his green eyes following mine. I sat up and he followed. “You're so beautiful.” He softly replied before cupping my face in his hands. “Rickie, be mine.” He simply stated. My cheeks went hot and I stared back at him, my stomach swirling with what felt like a million butterflies. I nodded my head and smiled as he pulled my face towards his kissing me passionately. “Stay with me tonight.” Harry asked as he pressed his forehead against mine. “Okay.”


Harry threw me some shorts and a t-shirt to sleep in. I peeled off my sweater and stood standing in his room with only my bra and underwear. I turned my head when I felt eyes staring at me. “Don't look.” I demanded playfully smiling at. Harry chuckled and smiled back at me.

“You're the one who took off your clothes in my room.” He replied. I turned back around and pulled the shirt over my head and pulled the shorts up. When I turned back around Harry was standing by the bed in his boxers picking mine and his jeans, he handed me mine and placed a kiss on my cheek.

“Come on, let's go to bed.” He instructed as I threw the jeans in a chair sitting in the corner of his room. I climb under the duvet and Harry reached over me to turn off the lamp. I moved over next to him and snuggled up close, taking in his sweet scent. He wrapped his arms around me and our legs tangled together. I drew circles on chest with my fingers as we laid there in the dark.

“Harry, can I asked you something?” I asked after five minutes of us laying int the dark in silence.

“What is it?” He questioned as he shifted his body so I could look up at him better.

“There were a lot of girls at the club that night, why did you pick me?” I felt the air around us thicken.

“I saw you when you first walked in, and you look stunning. Took my breath away. I wanted you, and I needed to get you before anyone else could. I wanted you to be mine.” He whispered as I looked up at him in awe. I wasn't expecting that answer. “Come here.” I demanded as I cupped his cheek with my hand and pulled him down to meet me. I kissed him sweetly as my hand dropped my his cheek to his shoulder and around to the nape of his neck. “I'm yours.” I spoke into his ear before moving back down to my original spot. “You're mine.” Harry whispered as he played with my hair. I feel asleep to the feeling of his lips press against my forehead.

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