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7. Chapter 7

“Rickie...Rickie...Rickie...RICKIE!” I heard someone yell. I jolted up from the bed to see Sophie sitting at the foot of my bed. I picked up my phone, it read four int eh afternoon. “Damngirl you were out.” Sophie laughed. I grunted and rolled over shoving my face into a pillow.

“What happened last night?” She asked yanking the pillow out from under me. I sat up and looked over at her. “I could ask the same thing.” I told her examining the dark brown mark on her neck.

“Okay so we both had pretty good nights.” She said tugging on Harry's shirt I was still wearing.

“Shut up.” I swatted her hand away and laughed. I got up and looked in the mirror, my flaming curls were wild. I brushed them out and pulled it back in a ponytail. “What are you doing tonight?” Sophie asked bouncing over to me. “Staying in, not doing a thing. Why?” I asked turning to face her.

“Because we are going to stay in together. Zayn left last night and I'm sad, so I need someone to wallow in my sadness with me.” She said sticking her bottom lip out pouting. I nodded my head and opened my arms to hug her tight. I changed clothes and slipped some shoes so we could go to the store and get junk food and movies.

“So you really like him?” I asked walking down the cobble stone sidewalk. It was a nice day out so we decided to walk the few blocks to the store. “Yeah, like he was so different from Roger. I felt like with him I couldn't be myself and we could have an actual conversation.” She told me. I bobbed my head and looked over at her, her dark brown hair flying around her face in the wind. I always thought Sophie was stunning, she was tall and skinny, she had nice cheekbones, beautiful blue eyes, so blue they looked gray in some settings. We walked the last block in silence.

“Scary, romance, or comedy?” I asked looking over the DVD selections.

“How about all three?” Sophie replied picking up a movie that stared Ben Stiller and flipping it over to read the back. We picked out 3 movies before moving on to food. “We need sweet, sour, salty, and everything in between!” Sophie exclaimed turning down the candy isle. “Haha okay, I'll go get some ice cream.” I told her handing over the basket, she clearly needed it more than me.

“Rocky road!” She yelled as I turned the corner. I wasn't two steps around the corner before I ran into someone. “Why are you always so fascinated by the ground when you walk?” Harry joked looking up and down me. “Bad habit.” I laughed back before kissing him hello.

“So what are you doing here?” He asked as he followed me to the ice cream isle.

“Girls night with Sophie.” I said getting a pint of rocky road and mint chocolate chip from the freezer.

“I see...” He said nodding his head. “What are you doing this weekend?” Harry asked leaning up against the freezer door. “I have work Saturday, but after that I'm free.” I told him leaning next to him.

“Why don't you come over afterward? We could hang out and watch a movie or something.” He asked staring down on me. “Or something.” I replied smiling up at him, he smiled back showing off his dimples. “Interrupting something?” I heard someone ask, I turned around to see Sophie standing there with a basket full of junk food. “Oh my God Sophie!” I squealed “It's only one night, not a month!”

“What's your point?” She asked sarcasticly.

“I'll talk to you later.” I kissed Harry goodbye then went to check out.

The walk to the store wasn't bad, the walk back with bags that felt like they were each filled with bricks was a bit more difficult. “I knew you were a junkie but I never knew you were this bad.” I joked as I struggled to open the door to get inside We got inside and waddled to the kitchen, my arms were tired and I was about to drop the bags. I dropped them on the ground next to the kitchen table where my mom was sitting. “Are you leaving on some trip you never told me about?” My mom asked looking at all the food in the bags. “Oh ha ha very funny. It's girls night.” I told her plopping down in the seat next to her. “Well have fun, I have to go to work.” She kissed my forehead and grabbed her keys then left. “I ordered an extra large pizza. I even got half pineapple for you.” Sophie announced as she bounced in the kitchen. “Let's get this party started!” I laughed jumping up and grabbing the bags.

We got a bunch of pillows and blankets, pulling them off beds and out of closets. We piled them all over the floor and couch, after that the living room looked like a giant mulch-colored marshmallow and felt like one too. We heard the doorbell ring shortly after we finished. “Hey Soph can you get that?” I asked trying to walk across the floor. She nodded her head yes and started for the door. I heard my phone buzzing somewhere on the couch under all the fluff. I stumbled over some pillows trying to get to it, when I finally found it I had a new message from Harry. “Tell Sophie Zayn will be back in a month might make her feel better. Cant wait to see you this weekend.” I smiled like an idiot down at my phone. “What are you so happy about?” Sophie asked as she walked in with a giant box of pizza.

“Harry just told me that Zayn will be back in a month.” I told her still smiling. A huge smile came across Sophie's face and I thought she was going to drop the pizza box. “Are you serious?” She asked so giddy and happy. I nodded my head. “YAY!” She screamed and did a little dance. I walked over and gave her a little hug. I put a movie in the DVD player and we plopped down on the couch. I pulled out bags of chips, chocolates, and sour candy and of the bags and Sophie opened the pizza box. “Oh we forgot to get drinks at the store.” I realized letting out a small sigh.

“Oh I got us covered.” Sophie said leaning over the side of the couch and showing off a bottle of wine.

“Gotta keep this girls night classy.” She joked. I got up and grabbed win glasses from the cabinet.

Two hours and a pizza box later the very boring movie was over. “Well that was, stupid.” Sophie said throwing her crust into the empty pizza box. “I think Harry really likes you.” Sophie added before she took a sour gummy worm bag in her hands. “What makes you say that?” I asked taking a sip of the wine, I had barely drank a full glass while Sophie had three. “He looks at you the same way my dad looked at my mom.” Sophie told me, she had sorrow in her words. She looked down at the bad of gummy worms and played with the bag in between her fingers. “I'm sorry babe.” I told her as I leaned over and hugged her. “I know it didn't work out, but for the longest time what they had was real.” She whispered in my ear before moving away from me. “I highly doubt he loves me Soph, I mean we've only be seeing each other for about two weeks and he hasn't even formally asked or anything.” I retorted leaning back against the couch. “He will, trust me.” Sophie added before ripping open the bag of candy. In all honestly I didn't know what to call us. Were we dating? He never made it official, I think? I laid down in the corner of the couch thinking it over and over. What if he only wants me for one thing? What if when he gets it he'll forget about me? I pondered the questions until I eventually dozed off.

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