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5. Chapter 5

“Here you go ma'am that will be $3.50.” I said while handing the lady her drink. She smiled and handed me the money before retreating out the door. I wiped down the counter and the machines before I clocked out. I grabbed my stuff from the back room and said by the my boss then left. As soon as I left I was greeted outside by a tall figure putting his arm around me. “Hi Harry.” I smiled up at him as he looked down on me. “You want to go out tonight? You can bring your friend.” He told me.

“Like to a club?” I asked as we continued walking.

“Yeah, it's Zayn's last night before leaving tomorrow.” He said as he ushered me in the direction of his car. “Sounds fun, I call Sophie.” I answered as I climbed in his car. I watched Harry walk over to the other side and get in. His curls bouncing with every step. It made me smile. “What?” He asked looking at me as he started the car. “Nothing.” I answered blushing. He put the car in drive and sped away. Shortly after he pulled up to the curb next to my house. I unbuckled and leaned over and gave him a quick kiss. “That all I get?” He jokingly asked.

“Later.” I replied getting out of the car and walking towards the door.

Sophie arrived an hour later with a bag full of clothes and shoes. We went to my room and she poured them out on my bed. “What's all this?” I asked picking up a dress off the bed.

“My hottest, sexiest, tightest dresses I could find.” She said picking up deep purple dress. “Try this on.” She protested. I rolled my eyes walking into the bathroom stripping off my clothes and wiggling into the tight dress. It hugged every curve, particularly my breasts, I thought they were going to fall out. I walked out of the bathroom to show Sophie. “Whoa.” Was her only words. I turned in a circle showing it off for fun. “Harry is going to love you.” She proclaimed. I looked in the mirror brushing the hair away from my face. Sophie picked up a red dress and put it on. She was tan and her blonde hair compliment it. She started working on her hair and make-up when I hear my phone buzz. It was from Harry “Be there in a hour.” I told Sophie as she hurriedly put on mascara. I slipped into some heels and handed Sophie some when she finished her hair, soon after I hear the door bell. “Mom can you get that?!” I yelled down that stairs, as Sophie and I sprayed some perfume on. We took one last look in the mirror before heading down. We were at the top of the stairs and I saw Harry with Zayn standing by the door. “Wow.” I saw him mouth as he stared at me. I smiled and blushed pushing my hair behind my ear. I started walking down the stairs Sophie right behind me. “You look amazing.” Harry proclaimed which made me blush even more. I grabbed his hand and led him out the door with Sophie and Zayn following behind. Harry opened the car door and I slid in while Sophie and Zayn climbed in the back. Harry pulled away from the car and drove away.

We arrived at Glowworm around nine and Sophie worked her magic again to get us in. I let Harry lead us through the crowed a people to a table in the back. A waitress came over and took an order of drinks then left. Sophie promised me she wouldn't drink much tonight. The waitress came back over and gave us our drinks. Harry's hand was around my waist the whole time we drank and talked. “Dance with me.” Harry whispered in my ear sliding out of his seat taking my hand. I followed him out onto the dance floor. He spun me around before placing his hand on my lower back. I was swaying my hips back and forth before grabbing the back of his neck and running my fingers around in his curls. Harry leaned down placing his soft lips on my neck leaving me kisses. I tilted my head back exposing more of my neck as he moved around reaching my jawline. I tightened my grip on his curls placing a hand on his chest while his wrapped a round my waist pulling me closer. Harry placed a kiss under my ear moving to my cheek where he then met my lips. His soft lips ran against mine, our foreheads against each others as we stared into each others eyes. He gave me a soft peck on the lips before whispering in my ear “Lets leave.” We moved back to the table to make sure Sophie and Zayn had a ride home then left. Harry drove us to his flat, we got out of the car and he unlocked to the door. “Ladies first.” He gestured as I walked in. He led me to his room where he tossed me a shirt and some shorts. “Turn around.” I ordered smiling at him.

“Fine.” He said while turning his.

“And no peaking.” I teased as he turned his head. I wiggled back out of the dress and pulled the shirt over my head, I was engulfed by Harry's scent. I stepped into the shorts. “You can look now.” I told Harry as I walked over to him. He turned around and smiled. “Damn, you should wear my clothes more often.” He smirk as he grabbed my waist kissing me. “Or just nothing at all.” He joked pulling away, I gave him a playful shove wiggling out of his grip. Harry took off his shirt revealing his toned muscled torso, he undid his belt and stepped out of his jeans standing there in just his boxer briefs that clung to him, outlining every detail. He motioned to come to bed so I walked over to it where he was pulling back the blanket. “Nice black underwear by the way.” He smirked.

“I told you not to peak!” I yelled picking up a pillow and throwing it at him.

“I never said I wouldn't.” He stated tossing the pillow back. I climbed in bed and he followed. Harry grabbed my waist pulling me over to him. “Forgive me?” He begged kissing my forehead. I nodded my head as I climbed on top of him with my legs on either side of him. I placed my hands on his stomach running my fingers up to his shoulders and around to his to his nape. He ran is around the back of my thighs rubbing up and down. I ducked down kissing his collar bone making my way up to his neck planting a few more kisses before reaching where is jaw and neck met. I moved my way over to his lips pressing mine against his. He moved his hands up and around my butt to my waist. I moved closer to him pressing my breasts against his chest, Harry let out a low moan which let me know he liked it. Harry grabbed my waist flipping us over so he was now on top. We continued making out while he slipped his hand inside my shirt running his fingers up my stomach leaving goosebumps all over my body. I pulled away gasping at the feeling, my body tingled. My heart was racing, my chest moving up and down fast. Harry pressed his forehead against mine giving me one last quick peck before rolling back over next to me. I curled up next to as he wrapped his arm around me pulling me closer kissing the top of my head before reaching over to turn the lamp next to the bed off. I dozed off to the beating of his heart. 


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