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4. Chapter 4

Was I really developing feeling for a guy so corrupt? He was so misogynistic and perverted when we first met just a few days ago, could he change that quick? I shook the thoughts from my head and ran upstairs. I switched the lights on when I entered my room, it was nine. I picked up my phone and dialed Sophie and put it on speaker. “So how was it?” She asked as soon as she answered the phone. “It was nice but...” I trailed off. I walked over to my dresser to get a shirt and shorts to sleep in.

“But what?” Sophie asked. I stripped off my top and pants and put the pajamas on.

“He was so rude and sexual when I first met him, but tonight he was...different.” I proclaimed throwing the dirty clothes in a hamper. “So what you're saying is you don't want to fall for a pig, but you are?” She told me while I was brushing my teeth. “Exactly.” I answered back spitting out the toothpaste.

“You can't stop your feelings babe.” She was right. Maybe he wasn't as bad as I thought.

“Thanks Soph.” I told her before hanging up. I let out a large sigh before falling back on my bed.

The next few days Harry and I talked a lot. He would call when he could and we would talk, something for hours and other times for just a quick second. “Do you want to go out again?” He asked one day while we were talking. “I'd like that.” I replied. I was glad it wasn't in person or else he would've saw me blush and smile. “How about tonight? Say seven?” He asked.

“Seven sounds good.” I told him before hanging up. I had a couple hours until he would pick me up so I decided to finish the book I started the day of our first date. I picked up the book and laid on my bed getting lost in it. I finished the book with two hours left until he would pick me up. I went to my closet to pick out an outfit. After minutes of deciding I finally decided on a plain blue v-neck and some skinny jeans. I changed out of the clothes I was already wearing and put the new ones on. I went to the bathroom to fix my hair, but I decided to leave it alone. I stepped back and looked in the mirror, the way the blue shirt complimented my fiery curls made me look, beautiful. Something I didn't feel about myself often. I went back into my bedroom slipping on my vans rights as I heard a knock on the door. I grabbed my keys and bag and bounced down the stairs. I opened the door to see Harry standing there. I locked the door and shut it behind us.

“So, is it another secret?” I playfully asked while Harry drove to who knows where.

“Let's just say the food will be spectacular.” He answered back looking over at me then back to the road. Five minutes later we pulled up to a curb, I looked out the window and there were no restaurants around. I hadn't noticed Harry was already out and at my door. I climbed out and he smiled at me grabbing my hand. We walked around to the sidewalk where Harry lead my up stairs outside a flat. He unlocked the door stepping in pulling me with him. Harry flipped on the switch next to the door illuminating the place. “Um...?” I asked confused looking at him.

“I am going to cook for you, then we are going to watch a movie.” He told me leading me down the hall with him. He was going to cook for me? Wow. “I thought you said the food would be good?” I joked. “Hey, I am an excellent cook.” I replied back as we walked into his living room. His flat was spacey and clean. I didn't picture it as his type. “So what are you making Chef Styles?” I said laughing.

“Lemon chicken.” He replied at he stepped into the kitchen and motioned me in to. He was grabbing things from the refrigerator and cabinets when I walked in. “Wanna help?” He offered setting a skillet on the stove. “Sure.” I replied picking up a lemon off the counter. He grabbed a cutting board from a cabinet and set it down then opened the chicken breast and set them on it. “Let's season these things.” Harry and I added a variety of different seasons to the chicken before he added them to the skillet. I sat up on the counter and watched as he added more things to the chicken while they cooked. Finally he cut the lemons and squeezed them over the chicken before putting them on plates. We walked over to the table in the corner and sat down. I took a piece of the chicken in my mouth. “Well?” Harry asked.

“It's a little dry, and could use some more rosemary.” I said smiling. “Kidding, it's delicious.”

“Told you.” He smirked.

We finished the chicken and I helped clean up the dishes. Harry grabbed my fingers and lead me into the living room. I took a seat on the couch while Harry put the movie in the player before turning the lights down and taking a seat next to me. Not even ten minutes into the film Harry reached over and put his arm around me. I looked up at him to see him already staring down at me. “What?” I asked

“You look beautiful tonight.” He replied. I blushed hoping he wouldn't notice. I stared into his eyes, then down at his lips, they were a soft pink color. Before I knew it our lips were pressing against each other. It started just as a quick kiss, but I reached my hand up putting it on the back of is neck as Harry moved his other hand around my waist. I finally pulled back, my hear was racing. What just happened? “We're missing the movie.” I whispered to him, his eyes locked on mine. He finally moved away repositioning himself. “Yea.” He mumbled turning his attention to the TV. We finished the movie and Harry took me home. He walked me up to the door like he always does. “Thanks.” I told him. He smile and nodded as he turned around. “Harry!” I yelled at him, he quickly turned around.

“It's not that I didn't want to it's just.” I was cut off.

“You don't have to explain,” He said walking back to me. “I just want to know if I can do it again?”

I nodded my head yes. He put his hands around my neck before ducking down to my height. His soft lips hit against mine as he kissed me again. He moved closer and our bodies were touching. I started kissing back placing my hands on his chest, I could feel his heart beating. We both pulled away, but we stayed close together. “Goodnight Rickie.” He whispered in my ear.

“Goodnight.” I whispered back as he pulled away to leave.  

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