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11. Chapter 11

We crossed the street and made our way onto the sidewalk full of people waiting to get in. We pushed past the line of people and made our way to the front. “Hey, Danny!” Harry called out when we got the front. A tall slender man turned around, he was pale and had hair so blonde it was almost white.

“Hey Harry glad you could come.” They hugged each other real quick before Danny let us in. I follow Harry in closely behind. Harry placed his hand on the small of my back and lead through people to an empty table in the back. “Do you want a drink?” Harry practically yelled to be heard over the thumping bass. “Just diet coke and rum.” I replied, that seemed to have taken him a step back.

“Well okay, I'll be back.” He said before retreating away to the bar. A few minutes later he was back.

“For you.” He said while handing me my drink. Harry sat down next to me and took a sip of his drink, I assumed it was vodka. “I like your tattoo.” I told Harry after a while in silence. I took another sip of my drink before continuing. “It's really nice that you got it because of your mum.” Harry sat his drink down and turned away from me for a second before turning back to me. “Thanks Rickie. Want to dance?” He asked. I took a final sip from my drink before nodding my head. He grabbed my hand and lead me out to the dance floor where everyone was.

The small amount of alcohol running through my body made it easier to dance. Harry placed his hands on my hips and I started swaying them back and forth. He pulled me in closer and I could feel him. I brought my hands up to his chest and pushed myself away teasing him. Harry latched onto my wrists and pulled me back in. “You're not getting away from me.” He smirked as he released my hands and places his back on my hips. I felt his hand trail down and land on my bum. I swatted his hand away and he laughed. “Oh come on.” He pleaded. I shook my head no and pushed myself away from Harry once again. This time he let me leave. I walked away from him smirking as he stood there in the crowd of people. I motioned for him to follow me before turning my back to him to weave through the crowd. I pushed past people trying to make my way around the club, but before I knew it I was standing in front of Harry once again. “I said you weren't getting away from me.” He smirked as he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him. Harry spun me around and held me against him, my arse pressing against his pelvis. Harry ran a hand up my arm and to my shoulder. He brushed my hair out of his way before planting sweet kisses against my neck. They sent shivers through my entire body.

“You look amazing.” Harry breathy spat out before he continued kissing my neck. I could feel Harry harden as I pressed harder against him. I tilted my head back onto his shoulder exposing more of my neck. He slid his hand around to the front of my hips. “Harry.” I gasped as I felt teeth graze across my skin. Harry gently bit and sucked at the skin on my neck, making it sensitive. He gently kissed the newly sensitive skin before I turned around to face him. “I'm going to get another drink. Want anything?” I asked staring up at Harry, even in heels he towered over me. “No, I'm good. I'll meet you back at the table.” I nodded before I turned to make my way through the crowd of people. It was less crowded at the bar, but it was surrounded by drunks or almost drunks. “What would you like pretty lady?” The bartender asked when I got up there, it made me uncomfortable.

“Rum and diet coke please.” I requested leaning up against the bar.

“Coming right up.” He replied before turning around to work. I stood there by myself before a guy walked over and stood next to me. I could smell the alcohol on his breath. “What's a babe like you doing here by herself?” He slurred before moving closer to me.

“I'm not, I'm just getting a drink.” I told him coldly. I didn't want to be hit on by the bartender or this guy. “Well let me buy you a drink.” He demanded closing the space between us.

“No thanks.” I said as I moved away from him adding. He seemed to get angry at me turning him down. “Oh come on.” He protested moving in front of me so I could move.

“I said no.” I snapped at him before pushing my hands against his chest to move him out of my way.

“Don't be a bitch.” He snarled as he grabbed my wrists and pulled me towards him. “Maybe you need more than a drink.” He smirked as he grabbed a hold of my arse and squeezed it.

“Get off me!” I yelled before taking all my strength I had and pushing him backwards. He must have had a lot of alcohol in him because he stumbled backwards and fell. I jolted back people and made my way back to Harry sitting alone at a table. I didn't want Harry to know about what just happened, I forced back the tears. “Hey, can we leave?” I asked, my voice was shaking.

“Yeah, is everything okay?” He asked standing up placing his hand on my arm. I just shook my head yes. “Okay.” Harry held my hand and pulled me close and walked us out. We were almost to the exit when I heard someone yell at me. “So this is why you wouldn't let me buy you a drink?” The same drunk guy yelled before making his way over to us. “Well you can have her. She's a bitch and a tease.” He spat. I felt Harry tense up and I could tell he was getting angry. “Hey! Don't ever call her that again.” Harry told him letting go of my hand and walking over to the other guy.

“Oh sorry, did I offend your little whore?” Next thing I know Harry punches the guy and he falls straight down. The people around stopped what they were doing to look at what happened. “Harry!” I yelled running over to him grabbing his arm. He looked down at me, his chest rising and falling quickly. “Harry, please let's leave.” I begged. He nodded his head and turn his back to the mess that just happened and walked out of the club. I followed quickly behind him, but his long legs and me wearing heels he was ahead of me. “Harry wait up!” I yelled to him as he crossed the street. I ran across the street after him and met him at his car. “What happened with you and that guy?!” Harry yelled when I got over to him. It scared me and I jumped back. “Nothing. Just a drunk guy Harry.” I told him, I didn't want to tell him what really happened. Seeing him get that angry over name calling scared me for how angry he would get if I told the truth. “Rickie that was just some drunk guy! Something happened now tell me!” He demanded, he was pacing around on the sidewalk running his fingers through his hair.

“He..he offered me a drink and wouldn't take no for an answer.” I told him, I looked down at my feet because I didn't want to see his reaction. I heard Harry walk over to me and I looked up, he still looked pissed. “Did he touch you? Did he hurt you?” He franticly asked.

“Harry, I'm fine.” I chocked out. Harry cupped my face in his hands and lifted my face up so I could look at him. “I don't want anything to happen to you.” He whispered before kissing me on the forehead. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled myself in to his chest. I pulled away and took his hand, it was slightly bruised, I ran my fingers over his knuckles and lightly kissed it. “Let's go back to mine.” Harry proposed. I nodded my head yes and he opened the car door for me. Harry got in the car and started it then pulled away from the curb and drove away from the club. I kicked the heels off in the car after a while. They were cute, but killer to wear. I guess I had dozed off sometime in the car ride back to Harry's flat, next thing I know Harry is rubbing my arm and telling me to wake up. “Oh sorry, I didn't mean to fall asleep.” I apologized.

“It's fine.” He laughed before shutting the car off and climbing out. I unbuckles the seat belt and went to put the heels back on when Harry opened my door. “No, come on.” He ordered before ducking down in the car and wrapping one arm around m back and the other under my legs. Harry picked me up and carried me from the car to his flat door. Once inside I flicked on the light. “Okay you can put me down now.” I told him while he took the shoes out of my hands and put them on the ground. He kicked his off and put them next to mine. “Who says I want to?” He said cheekily before leaning in and kissed me. Harry walked over to the couch and sat down, me sitting in his lap. My arms were still wrapped around his neck, I rubbed my thumb over his nape and move my other hand to his chest. I moved my head over towards his and placed a small kiss on his neck. I peppered kisses all over his neck before move to his jaw line. I heard Harry let out a small moan. I repositioned myself so I was straddling him now. I brushed my lips over his before pressing my forehead against his. Harry moved his hands on my hips and ran them up and down, stopping at the hem of the dress and going back up. I ran my lips over his again before pressing them down on his. His warm lips and my cold ones collided sending a rush of senses through my body. I could feel Harry's bulge harden under me again and I pulled back. “I love this side of you.” Harry whispered before grabbing my back and flipping us over so he was hovering over me. “But I really like your backside.” Harry joked leaning down closer to me. I started blushing as he got closer to me. Harry leaned down and kissed the sore love bit he had given me earlier. “You're mine.” He whispered.

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