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10. Chapter 10

I felt warm fingers crawling across my stomach, tiptoeing up and around to my ribs. I opened my eyes in confusion and looked over at Harry who was smiling back at me. “Your skin is so soft.” He said quietly as he kept running his fingers over it. I shook my head and laughed at his weirdness. “Good morning.” He eventually said before lifting himself up to kiss me real quick. “I'm going to take you out tonight when I get off work.” Harry rolled over and jumped off the bed.

“That sound nice, where to?” I asked as I wrapped the cover tighter around my body. Harry started rummaging through his draws. “To a club, where” He grinned looking over his shoulder. “Uh!” I gasped as I threw a pillow across the room at him.

“Hey, you know I'm kidding. But it'd be a plus.” Harry said cheekily. I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom and left Harry to get dressed. I stared in the mirror at the tangled mess my hair was in and ran my fingers through it trying to tame them before pulling them back in a hair band. I walked out of the bathroom to Harry's empty room, I walked over to the chair in the corner of his room and picked up my jeans from last night and slipped them on. “Babe?” Harry called from the other room.

“In here!” I called back as I slipped on my shoes, he walked in with a jacket in one hand and the other in the pocket of his jeans. “Ready?” He asked. I nodded my head and walked over to him. He slung his arm around my shoulders and guided me out. We walked down the stairs outside to his car and he opened the door before running around to his side. He started the car and gunned it down the street.

“So how long have you been a tattoo artist?” I asked breaking the silence in the car.

“Two years or so. Why?” He asked backed

“Well most tattoo artists have tattoos and you don't.” I answered looking over at him. His curly brown hair was a mess, but a good mess. “Who says I don't?” He cheekily asked back as he smiled showing off his dimples. “Harry, I've seen a lot of you and I haven't seen any tattoos. Please don't tell me you have one on your bum?” I questioned

“Hahaha wow. No Rickie I do not have a tattoo on my arse.” Harry said as he pulled up against the curb next to my house and shutting off the car. “Look.” He said as he extended his arm out towards me.

Right in the bend of his elbow was a very small 'A' it was so small it was almost unnoticeable.

“A?” I asked confused rubbing my thumb over it.

“It's my mum's initial. Anne.”

“I bet she's lovely.”

“Yeah...” He trailed off, he seemed sad. I leaned over the seat and kissed him goodbye.

“I'll pick you up at eight.” He whispered in my ear before I climbed out the door.

I greeted my mom as I walked through the door to the kitchen. She was sitting at the table drinking coffee reading through today's paper. “Hi honey, what are you doing tonight?” She asked before taking another sip of her coffee. “I'm going out with Harry.” I told her as I took an apple from the fruit bowl. “Well have fun and be safe. I'm off to work. Oh and don't forget I'll be leaving Thursday for my conference and I wont be back until Monday. You can have Sophie or Harry over if you don't want to be alone the whole time.”

“I'll be fine, but thanks.” She kissed my forehead and picked up her bag and headed out the door. I let out a sigh and flipped over the arm of the couch and laid on my back while my legs hung over the side. After sitting like that for a good ten minutes in silence I got up and gave Sophie a ring.

“Sophie! What is the sluttiest dress you own?” I imminently asked when she answered.

“Slutty as in “I have sex with twenty different guys a week” or slutty as in “I'm really good in bed but I'm just going to tease you all”

“The second one.” I answered.

“I'll be over soon with it and some matching heels.”

“Alright see you soon.” The good thing about have a best friend that wore the same size dress and shoes as you was that she was always prepared. I ran upstairs to take a quick shower before Sophie showed up, my hair was a mess and I desperately need to do something to it.

“Damn girl, if you could take any longer showers.” I jumped when I walked out of my bathroom and heard Sophie and saw her sitting on my bed. “How did you get in? The door was locked.” I said still in shock.

“Rickie, I've known since we were six, I think I know where you keep the spare key.” She laughed as she stood up and showed me the dress she had picked out. It was dark blue dress with an opening cut in the back that showed off more than enough skin. I took the dress and walked back into the bathroom to put it on. I dropped my towel and unzipped the dress, I shimmied in it with much work. It was tight, but that was the point. It wasn't until I walked out of the bathroom I noticed my lack of underwear. I opened a drawer and pulled out a thong, couldn't have panty lines. I heard Sophie laughing as she sat and watched on my bed as I tried to pull them up and keep the dress down. “Might as well not wear any!” She joked before tossing my make-up bag over to me. I just put on some natural looking stuff and by the time I was done my hair was dry. “So, how are you and Harry? Anything new happen?” Sophie asked when she came back from the kitchen drinks. “Well, he has a very nice....tongue” I manged to choke out. “Whoa what?!” Sophie exclaimed. “Like he-” I cut her off

“Gave me great pleasure orally? Yes Sophie yes.” I laughed before taking a drink of my water.

“Wow, so what does he do? Does he have a job or something?” She asked after she got over the shock.

“He is a tattoo artist.” I replied as I started putting my make-up away. Sophie just shook her head showing she approved. “I hear they are great in bed.” We both started laughing uncontrollably.

“Well hey I have to run, I'll talk to you later babe.” I hugged Sophie goodbye and lead her out.

I still had an hour before Harry showed up so I went back upstairs to relax. It didn't last long, in about five minutes I was up and pacing around my room. I put Sophie's heels on and walked down stairs to grab something to eat before Harry picked me up. I grabbed another apple and started eating it away. Shortly after I finished the apple Harry arrived to pick me up, early. “Hello beaut-.” Harry stopped mid sentence and stepped back to look at me. “Wow, Rickie.” I smiled and greeted him with a kiss. He was wearing simple black jeans and a white v neck. “You” Was all he could say. We walked to the car and he helped me in, it was more difficult with the tight dress on. Harry started the car and pulled away from the curb and drove down the road. “Rickie, can I ask you something?” Harry asked after we drove in silence for a short while. “Yeah, what is it?” I asked him back.

“Don't ever change the way you are. You may not see your beauty, but I do.” He tightened his grip on the steering wheel. I started blushing, I could feel my cheeks go red and get hot.

“Harry, no one has ever said that to me before. Thanks.” I smiled at him and he loosened his grip on the steering wheel. I started playing with the hem on the dress, fiddling it around in between my fingers. Shortly after that Harry pulled up to a curb, I could see a queue of people outside a club close to where we parked. “I know a guy.” Harry said as he helped me out of the car. He wrapped his arm around my waist and tugged me closer before he started across the street.

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