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1. Chapter 1

"Rickie! Sophie is here!” My mum yelled up the stairs as I was putting the final touches on my outfit. Sophie thought it would be a good idea to go out to a club tonight in celebration of here recent break up. I took one last look in the mirror before grabbing my bag and jacket and heading downstairs.

“You look hot.” Sophie stated as I descended down the stairs. I didn't go out much, especially to clubs. “Thank Soph, so do you.”

“I sold the necklace Roger gave me for our anniversary to buy this outfit.” She laughed “Come on let's go.” I took one last look in the hall mirror before leaving, she was right I did look hot. I was wearing a deep maroon colored dress that was tight in all the right places. “Bye mum!” I yelled while shutting the door behind me.

“So where exactly are we going?” I asked after we had been driving for ten minutes.

“This club called Glowworm over on Winston Street , I hear it's hot.” She used to word hot in almost every other sentence. We drove for ten more minutes before we reached the club. We parked along the street and got out of the car. The line outside the club was long. “Don't worry Rickie, I know the guy at the door, he'll let us in.” We walked over to door where I left Sophia work her magic.

“Hey Dave,” Sophie seductively said while grabbing onto his forearm. “wanna do us a favor?” She asked rubbing his arm getting closer to him, she whispered something in his ear and he smiled. “Come on in ladies.” He said pushing open the door, I heard the people in the line grumble and complain.

“Who was that?” I asked feeling like I just missed something.

“Just some guy that comes into the store and flirts with me shamelessly.” She laughed as took my hand leading me to the bar across the way. I didn't drink much, but I didn't want to ruin the night and when she ordered me a drink I didn't complain. I knew I was going to be taking care of Sophia later tonight.

One martini and six shots later Sophea was out on the dance floor grinding on some guy she just met. I had my drink in my hand and turned to find a seat, but instead I ran into someone. I looked up to see dark curls and piercing green eyes staring at me, this guy was at least a foot taller than me. “I'm so sorry I-I didn't see you.” I said hoping this guy was too mad.

“It's fine, but I'm usually the one getting the girls wet.” He chuckled staring me in the eyes.

“Yea I'm just going to go now.” I rolled my eyes in disgust. I walked across the club to a table in the back and took a seat. All was going well until I saw Sophie at the bar again, I knew a couple more drinks and she would be out. I jogged over to the bar to stop her. “He Soph, no more, I'm cutting you off.” I grabbed a hold of her and helped her onto a bar stool.

“I'm fine mom.” She slurred her words at me. I grabbed onto her to keep her up on the chair before she fell off. “No you're not, come on let's go.” I directed pulling her off the bar stool and helping her keep her balance. She wiggled out of my grip and tried running, but her being drunk and being in heels that didn't work. She tripped and fell. I ran over to her to see if she was okay, she was out. “Damn it Sophie.” I cursed trying to pull her up. I wasn't strong and with Sophie's dead weight I wasn't getting very far. “You need help?” I heard a deep voice ask. I looked up and it was the guy I spilled my drink on earlier. “No, I got it.” I blatantly stated hugging Sophie's torso trying to get her up.

“You sure?” He asked again crouching down next to me. “Because you're not making much progress.” He laughed as he grabbed Sophia and pulled her off the floor and held her like a groom would hold his bride. He just smiled with achievement. I rolled my eyes and walked away with him following. We got to the car and I fetched the keys out of my bag and opened the back seat so he could lay Sophie down.

“Thanks.” I said with a cold tone closing the car door.

“You want me to help you get her home?” He asked staring me in the eyes again, I didn't like it.

“No I got it.” I rudely implied opening the car door to get in.

“Yeah, because it went so well in the club.” He retorted back as he started turning around to go back in. “Get in!” I yelled. He turned around and grinned with is hands in his pocket. Ugh. He climbed in and I started the car pulling away from the curb to go home.

We drove for five minutes in awkward silence before I finally broke it. “You never told me your name.” I stated glancing over at him.

“You never told me yours.” He said back looking over to me. I turned back to the road.

“Maybe some things are meant to be a secret.” I said. That was in the end of the conversation the rest of the ride home. I pulled up the the curb next to my house and turned the car off and getting out. I opened the back seat door and Sophie was still out. “Let me.” He offered and I stepped back so her could get her out. Sophie let out a few moans, but never woke up. We walked up to the fumbled with the keys trying to unlock it. “This way.” I motioned as I started walking up the stairs. We got to my room and I turned the lights on. “Just put her on the bed.” I told him as he walked in and laid her on the bed.

“Want me to help get her in some pajamas?” He joked grinning. I rolled my eyes.

“Thanks but that one I can handle.” I said with disgust leading him back down the stairs to the front door. “How are you getting home?” I asked

“My friends lives a few blocks away from here, I'll walk.” He replied back looking out the door then back at me. I looked down and noticed the keys still the in the locked and went to pulled them out and I dropped them. We both went down to grab them hitting our heads together. “Ow.” I cried grabbing my head. “That's usually not the kind of head I get from a girl.” He laughed. I looked up and out eyes met and locked. I felt his hand on mine. I grabbed the keys and pulled away quickly standing up. I heard him sigh then he proceeded to get up. He turned towards the door and walked out and down the drive to the sidewalk. Just as I was shutting the door I heard him yell for me and I looked out to see if he was okay. “Harry.” He yelled at me when I looked out to see him down the sidewalk.

“Rickie.” I yelled back and he smiled just before turning his back towards me and walking away.  

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