Always be there

Madison is the type of girl who has always had problems, until she meets Justin, a boy with a sense of humor and cares for her. He ends up leaving and yeah you wanna know more go read it ♥ :)


8. new start

I sat down watching the news and texting Jeremy. I forgave him and he forgave me and we just got over it but I had a plan and trust me he was not included in it. I was interrupted by tmz talking about relationships when I heard Justin's name.

                             Justin bieber and selena gomez? JELENA !

"WHAT!" I screamed throwing my phone across the room. I turned off the TV before they could say anything else. I went upstairs mad. I cant believe he forgot. I kinda did to but ughh I don't know. I ran downstairs and heard the door bell ring. I saw an army officer Lt.Brooks actually he was working with my mom. "Hey Lt.Brooks aren't you supposed to--" he interrupted me by handing me an envelope. I knew what it was. "No no I don't want to read it please don't tell me that please." I said crying I took the envelope and Lt.Brooks came in and sat me on the couch. "Im so sorry, she was an good women." I believed him because he knew her. She was never going to be able to see me grow up or have grandchildren. I couldn't stop crying she was gone she was really gone

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