Always be there

Madison is the type of girl who has always had problems, until she meets Justin, a boy with a sense of humor and cares for her. He ends up leaving and yeah you wanna know more go read it ♥ :)


1. New Neighboors


"No mom i cant deal with this anymore. You and your stupid boyfriend who doesnt give a crap about me." I said pointing at the door. I could feel the tears running down my face and onto the ground. I looked at my arm it was all cut up, then i looked at my mom. "You dont care you never cared, you hate me and i hate you. one day im going to run away and never come back." i ran upstairs while wipping the tears. I closed my door and locked it. I ran to my drawer and took out the knife. It was still filled with blood, i looked in the mirror. "Im ugly im ugly nobody will ever love me. YOUR UGLY!" i said as i smashed the mirror on the floor. I kneeled down on the glass. The glass all over my knees and the blood from my hands as i poked each glass one by one into my hand. I grabbed the knife and felt my arm, i felt the wounds the scars and everything. I looked at the knife and slowly dragged it on my arm, "Honey open the door, dont do anything stupid you ungrateful child.." she said from outside of the door. "Im sorry i didnt mean that." she said smashing her hand on the wooden door. I looked at the door and kept cutting my arm, "Your ugly yout ugly your ugly," i kept saying as the cut got deeper. I was getting close to my vain when my mom busted the door open with some cops behind her. "DROP THAT." she said as she ran towards me grabbing the knife out of my hand. The cops came in and looked around before grabbing me. They brong me down the stairs being really careful. "Wacth your step," one cop said as i almost slipped. We finally got down and the lights from all the police cars and the amblance truck blinded my eyes. I was suprised i couldnt see it from my room. My mom was behind me egerly asking questions and practically running to keep up. They sat me down on the chair next to the truck. A doctor came by and examined my arm, "Some cut there. Did you fall." he said looking at me. I looked up at him, "Something like that." i said laughing. He smiled and grabbed a bandage wrap from his bag and wrapped it around my arm. I looked at my arm and looked up at him and smiled. "Well there you go just keep that on for about a week while your scars get better so it doesnt get infected." He said smiling and walked away. I looked behind me and my mom was talking to the cop and they kept staring at me. They finally walked over and looked at me, the cop looked at my mom and looked at me. "Okay so you and your mom are going to go to therapy, theres this women who i know who would love to do sessions with you. I texted her and you guys have an appointment tomorrow." He pated my back smiled and walked away. My mom took one look at me and rolled her eyes then walked off. I looked at her and got up struggling because of my ankle. I grabbed the crutches and walked inside. I shut the door behind me and struggled to go up the stairs, "Here let me help you." my mom said holding my hand. I quickly ripped my hand away and went upstairs on my own. I finally got up and went up to my room. I locked my room door and walked to my bed passing by the glass and the blood on the carpet. I pretended like if was ink but i knew it wasnt, i wasnt going to convince myself as much as i would want to. I layed down on my bed and grabbed my iphone from under my pillow. I look out the window and see all the lights flashing in the distance and they finally turn off. I see a uhaul truck go into the house next door and i almost tore of the curtain trying to see who it is. I grabbed my cructhes and unlocked my door and tried to run. I walked slowly on my foot and let the cructhes dropped and went downstairs. I unlocked the front door and walked out. I finally realized i didnt have shoes so i walked back inside and put on my uggs and went next door. I looked and a boy saw me. He was cute too, i fixed my hair and walked over carefully. He dropped the box and came over to me. "Hi im Justin," he said smiling and holding out his hand. I shook his hand, "Hi im Madison." i said smiling. He looked at me and i looked at him, "Uhmm let me go drop this off in the house ill be right back." he said pointing at the house. I nodded and he brong it inside, I saw him talking to his mom. She looked at me and smiled and waved. I waved back and saw Justin coming, "My mom said that the movers will take care of the rest, and hey you wanna go to the park?" he said looking at me. "Yeah sure," i said. I took out my phone and texted my mom that i was going to the park with the new neighbors. I put my phone and my pocket and we walked on, "So what made you come to Georgia." i said looking at him. he laughed, "Just moved," he said laughing. I looked at him, and he looked at me. "Nice, so i dont really know what to say." he laughed and looked atmy arm and then at my leg. I covered my arm and tried to cover my leg. He grabbed my hand and looked at it, "Your beautiful," he said while holding my hand. I could feel the tears coming out. He wiped the tears with his hand and i smiled. He got closer to me and i got closer until my phone rang. "Ooops sorry, i forgot to turn it off." I said shutting off my phone. "Ringtone...Somebody to love by Justin bieber." he said smiling. I looked at him "Dont call him gay." i said with a serious face. he laughed and put his arm around me, "Trust me i wasnt." I snuggled up a little more and we both looked up at the sky. Time passed and he moved his arms. I looked down and looked at my arm again. He lifted my chin up moving my head near his face. He got closer and he kissed me. He pulled away and looked away. "Im sorry," he said looking at me. I smiled and looked into his beautiful brown hazel type eyes, "Its okay i liked it." i said as i got up. He got up and took my hand. "Why dont we go home," he said smiling. I nodded and walked off. He put his arm around me and i smiled. He looked down at me. i couldnt believe this he just came and we were probably already an official thing. "So how old are you?" i asked looking at him. he looked down at me, "16," he said. He started laughing. "Whats so funny." i said pulling away from him. "That you dont know who i am." His laugh was adorable as he said this. I looked at him and thought about it. I was really slow and really didnt know. I thought about it and turned on my phone. My background was Justin bieber. I kept looking at him and the picture. I finally realized it. This was him, this was Justin Bieber. I smiled like the biggest smile i could possibly have. He licked his lips and chuckled. "Justin....Bieber?" i said trying to calm down, i mean this was him my lifesaver my hero my everything all wrapped up into one perfect human. I know it was a little too much but i dont care. I calmed down so he wouldn't think i was one of those crazy fans. He looked down trying to hide his beautiful smile and kicked a rock. I looked at him and he looked int my eyes. "I know we just met but i would love it if we could go out some time, like a date." I looked down and pulled my hair back and laughed. I felt like crying and i knew he could tell because he put his arm around me and said it was gonna be alright. "I-- umm sure? Tommorow?" i said struggling to get the words out. He smiled and we walked on. We got to the house and sat on my porch. he kissed me on my forehead and held my hand. He looked at his house and looked back at me, "im sorry i have to leave so early but i have to go help my mom unpack. Ill come by your house tomorrow." He said getting up. I was disappointed but then he kissed me and i told him it was okay. he walked to his house and waited for me to go inside. I unlocked the door and went upstairs and closed my door and slid down my door slowly laughing. I couldnt stop smiling and i dont think i ever would.

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