Always be there

Madison is the type of girl who has always had problems, until she meets Justin, a boy with a sense of humor and cares for her. He ends up leaving and yeah you wanna know more go read it ♥ :)


5. Hes gone

I woke up this morning and imedetly took a shower and put on my clothes. I grabbed my shoes and ran to Justin's house. He was leaving today and i couldnt deal with that. I knock on the door and wait for someone to awnser it. I finally hear the door unlock and see the knob turn. i see pattie standing at the door. "Hey pattie!" i yell hugging her. She laughs, "Hey Madison." she said smiling. "Justin's upstairs and im making breakfast if you want some." she walked over to the kitchen "Yeah sure." i says smiling. I run upstairs and go into Justin's bedroom. I sneak to his bed and see him sleeping, my gosh he lookes so adorable. "Babe,babe,baaaaaabbbeee." i say shaking him. he moves and groans, "yesssssssss Madison..." he says smiling. He gets up and puts his arm around me, "Good morning beautiful." he says, typical boy move. I just laugh and he looks at me with a confussed look. "Well your moms making breakfast so go take a shower." i said getting up. Before he said anything i skipped out the room, "I LOVE YOU!" I yelled before i went downstairs. He screamed it back and the last thing i heard was the shower running. I went down to the kitchen and saw pattie cracking some eggs, "Hey so hows your mom." I looked down and remembered i was trying to froget but i knew that topic was going to be touched sow many times. "Well you know how shes in the army.... she had to go to iraq for 3 years." she looked disappointed when i told her. she came over to me and rubbed my back, "You know im here i consider you as a daughter," i laughed and forgot to tell her about my memory recap, "Hey pattie you know i had a memory recap yesterday morning." she came running over too me and hugged me. I couldnt breathe and she finally let go. "Oh my gosh im so happy yay." she said smiling. Justin finally came down and we sat down eating laughing and talking about when me and justin were young. We cracked a couple of jokes on Justin and he seemed happy i guess. Pattie grabbed her phone and looked at me she mouthed 'number' and i whispered my number to her. i soon got a text and saw Pattie laugh. I opend it up and saw a picture of Justin. I started cracking up he looked so adorable when he was young. I sent pattie some jokes about Justin and we both laughed. "What are you two laughing about?" Justin said. He looked at my phone and grabbed it and ran around the whole house. I finally caught up to him, "Mom really." he said with his squeaky voice. We both laughed and high fived eachother while Justin was just sitting there with a serious face. He got up and carried me and threw me on the couch. I saw pattie leave the room to go get something in the garage. Justin then sat next to me "You know im leaving soon. in about an hour." I was sad i mean i didnt want him to leave. What if he forgets about me. "Hold on i gotta go pee." he said laughing. He got up and dissapered around the corner. After he left i got up and went up to his room and went to his bed to lay down. I sat down and slowly pushed my body back to lay down. I thought about everything that happend and whats going to happen in the future. I mean Justin hes freaking gorgeous he wont stay single forever. My thoughts were inturrupted like they usually always are by a strange weight on the other side of the bed. I rolled over slowly to find Justin. His face right in front of mine. We both smiled and i looked into his beautiful hazel eyes. He moved towards me more and whispered in my ears, "I love you." He slwoly pulled back and kissed me. He pulled back and i repeated the same thing, "I love you." He put his arm around me and we just layed there and looked at the ceiling. He broke the silence by telling a few jokes and about when i was a kid and how we were best friends. We laughed and said our 'awws' and kissed a few times. His phone rang and he went to go get it. He looked at his phone and got mad, "I have to go." he said with a dissapointed look on his face. I began to cry and jumped on him. He carried me down the stairs and let me down at the door. He kissed me for about 5 seconds until we were inturrupted by the horn beeping. Pattie came out with the luggage and higged me, "Bye sweetie ill see you soon." She said as she went in the van crying. I hugged Justin and as he was about to get in the van i inturrupted him, "Dont forget about me." He smiled, "Never." he said as he kissed me. He closed the van door and kept looking out the window until i didnt see him anymore. He was gone.

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