Always be there

Madison is the type of girl who has always had problems, until she meets Justin, a boy with a sense of humor and cares for her. He ends up leaving and yeah you wanna know more go read it ♥ :)


2. Break down

I woke up this morning and went practically skipping to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and smiled. I had a boyfriend or would. i took a minute to process it because i mean lets face it im ugly. I never thought this would happen. I went in the shower and was singing and letting all the water flow on me like if it was raining. I was laughing and singing. My leg was still hurting but i got over it and tried to ignore it. as i put my arm up i saw all the bruises. It kinda killed my mood because all the memories came back all at once and i wasnt trying to let them knock me down. I turned off the shower and went back to my room. I got dressed and heard my mom call my name from downstairs. "Madison someones here for you." i hear her say. "Yes mom im changing!" i scream back. I finished getting dressed and as i go to grab a hoodie i see a sweatshirt that says 'mentally dating Justin bieber.' i look at it and luagh and throw it off to the side. I put on my toms and go downstairs. I see Justin turn around and look at me come down. I felt like i was going to prom. I grabbed the railing to help me stand up because of my leg. I see Justin come up the stairs, "Let me help you." he said as he carried me outside. My mom looked at us and smiled before closing the door. He put on his sunglasses and gave me a pair. He took out his hat to try and cover his face. We walked on and i really didnt care where we was going. We passed by the store and went inside to get some sour patches. "You like sour patches?" i said as we were paying at the cash register. we went inside and he ran up to a tree and looked back at me. "Throw one." he said pointing to the bag. I looked down at it and grabbed a red one. "Are you sure your gonna cacth it." i said, he looked at me "Come on i can just watch." he said getting ready. He shook his arm and cracked his neck. i threw it at him and he caught it. I clapped sarcasticly, "wow perfect." i said laughing he shrugged and smiled. "why dont you try it." he said taking out a sour patch from the bag. I got ready and he threw it. Of course i missed and i had to keep my cool, "You threw it wrong." i said laughing. He chuckled and looked at me, "Ah you just missed it." he said swiping his hand. I ran towards him and Jumped on him. I kissed him and we walked off. We got to the mall and went inside. "You hungry, mabye we could go to burger king." he siad holding my hand. we ran towards the food court laughing. We went to burger king and we were going to order. I was so nervious, "What do you want babe." he said looking at me. "Ummm probably just a number 9" i said looking at him, He smiled and gave the orders. We sat down and waited. "So im going on tour soon ." he said. He looked kinda sad but happy, He looked up and gave me a hug " you should come on tour with me well if your mom would let you." He said with a smile on his face. I probably was going to ask my mom and if she said no i was still going to go. "Ill ask." i replied. He seemed happy cause he tried to hide the smile on his face but kept it cool. They called our order and we went outside so nobody would notice us. We ate and he told me jokes and i laughed. "If you want we could go back to my house?" he said smiling. I Laughed "Sure." i replied. We got up and he held his hand out to help me up. My leg was sore and it should be better by tommorow. "And dont worry my mom isnt home." he said licking his lips. I looked down trying to hide my smile and pushed my hair back. It was hot outside but it was weird cause i had jeans. I was just trying to hide all my cuts. We walked back to his house and he helped me go up to his room. Each step my heart started beating. We go inside his room and its a normal boys room. I just seen one picture of beyonce in the closet door. He closed it when i started to laugh. "Well you know i like beyonce." he said taking out his guitair. I sat down on his bed and he sat down next to me. He started singing cacthing feelings and i felt like if my whole world stopped. I couldnt stop smiling. He finished and i didnt want it to end. He slowly got closer and kissed me. We hear someone come unlock the door and we go down to find Pattie his mom. "Hi guys, Madison do you want to stay for dinner." she said puting all the groceries down on the table. "Yeah sure." i replied. Justin took out his hand and we went to the backyard and sat on the swings. He got up off the swing and pushed me. I laughed and he stopped the swing. I looked back and stared at his beautiful brown hazel trype eyes. He slowly came towards me and kissed me. I felt like if the world stopped for a few seconds. He pulled away and smiled. I kept my eyes closed and when i opened them he was standing there with a grin on his face. He pushed me again until we had to go inside to go eat. We raced inside and sat down at the table. "So Madison when did you move here to georgia?' Pattie asked. "Oh a month ago." i replied as i picked up my spoon. "So how you guys like it here?" i asked as i looked at Pattie and Justin. Justin nodded and pattie just said the neighboors are wonderful. I laughed alittle but said i was sorry. I mean they havent met Pamela 2 houses down. She was the biggest bitch, she's the one who caused all this madness with me cutting myself. We told Jokes and Pattie showed me Justin's baby pictures as any mother would do. "Mom really," Justin said laughing. As pattie was about to show me the 10th picture Justin took it and ran upstairs. "Justin!" pattie screamed. She started laughing and sat down on the couch next to me. "So you and Justin,whats going on with you two?" she said as she picked up the glass from the floor. I looked at her and smiled, "Nothing---" "oh dont tell me that i know." she inturrupted me. I laughed and told her i liked him. We hear a book drop from behind us and see Justin standing there. "were you listening to us the whole time?" i said looking at him. "Pshh, no i would never." he said as he walked to the kitchen. Me and pattie looked at eachother and laughed. I got up and told Pattie i had to go and hugged her. "Oh ill walk you," Justin said raising his hand. "Im only next door but fine." i said smiling. He put on his shoes and walked me outside. "So you like me." he said licking his lips. I looked at him and smiled. "Mabye," i said as i sat down on the sidewalk. "You cant deny the biebs." he said pointing at himself. "But im kinda mad i hav to go on tour." he said as he sat down next to me. I sighed and looked at him. I didnt know what to do mabye i could talk to my mom. "When are you leaving?" i asked. "after my birthday," he said. it wasnt far away. It was like 3 days from now. I got up and he walked me to my porch. He kissed me on the cheek and left. He stood at his porch and waited for me to go inside. I went inside and went to talk to my mom about it. "Hey mom can i stay at Aunty Kim's house in LA.?" i said as i looked at her practically begging. I knew if i stayed with Kim i could probably see Justin cause his first place to go is LA and mabye i could go on tour with him for a bit cause i knew Kim would let me, she loves me. "Umm, okay. Only because youve been going through alot and i dont need another nervious break down." i smiled and ran upstairs. I took out my phone and saw text messages from a bunch of people calling me a whore and ugly. I looked at it and my mood went down. I threw my phone at the floor and started crying. I started to remember everything and all the memories with Justin got drowned out, the only thing left was the bad ones. I looked at the siccors on top of my desk and took them . I looked at them and looked on the shattered glass peices off the glass that was still on the floor. I looked down and held the siccors up to my throat. I cried probably the last tear i ever thought off. i took it away and was about to stab myself until Justin came running in, "Madi-- OH MY GOSH, MADISON." he said running towards me pulling the siccors away from me. I started to cry and looked at my phone. He went to get it and read the messages. he punched the wall, "Who said this to you." he said as he sat down next to me. "Madison your beauitful dont listen to anybody." he said about to cry. "Dont speak loud so my mom wont come upstairs. she's letting me go to LA and mabye i could go on tour with you." i said trying to get his arm away from me. He didnt let me and he kissed me. "Justin, im not beautiful i dont know how you--" he didnt let me finish and he looked at me, "Dont say that, Madison i love you." he said as he put his head on my shoulder. he grabbed the siccors and threw them in the garbage. I cried and cried. He ran his fingers through my hair, "Thank god i came to bring your jacket, or i would have lost you." I knew he was holding back the tears. i could hear it in his voice.

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