Always be there

Madison is the type of girl who has always had problems, until she meets Justin, a boy with a sense of humor and cares for her. He ends up leaving and yeah you wanna know more go read it ♥ :)


4. Believe tour and interviews

i layed on the couch trying to forget everything that just happened. I mean am i gonna have to deal with this for 3 years and im scared to tell Justin cause i dont want anything to happen to him. I was finally starting to remember. I got up and saw a picture of me next to a little boy. I looked at it closley and saw it was Justin. I smiled and saw a piece of paper in the corner. It was from my mom it said "Hi honey if you see this you probably remember everything with you and Justin and basically your childhood. up in the cabinet there are some pills that say 'memory' take one and you should be able to start remembering things. Your doctor gave it to me when you was 13 and said you wouldnt get your memory back, but im happy you did love you." I smiled and went to the cabinet and saw the pills i took one and smiled i was going to get my childhood memory back one at a time. My thoughts got interrupted when my phone rang,

we've been best a friends since we were this high

So why do i get nervious everytime you walk by

I quickly ran to my phone and saw a text from Justin, "Babe come outside i need to talk to you." i put on my uggs and opend the door i saw him sitting down and smile when he saw me, "I--hey whats wrong you have a bruise on your elbow." I covered it as soon as he said that and he looked disappointed, "Babe please dont do that i dont wanna loose you," he said holding my hand. "Nothing i just fell," i said as i pulled my hand away. "Anyways what did you have to tell me," i said trying to change the subject. He looked at me and began to talk, "My tour is starting early and i have to go away for some time for interviews and some concerts." he said sadly. I felt like if i was about to cry, i was trying to hold back the tears but i couldnt so i just let them out. I knew he was gonna be gone for a while 2 years i mean now i have to deal with my stepdad and the worse part is about what hes gonna do with me. Im scared and i wouldnt dare tell Justin. He started crying with me, "im sorry im sorry," he kept repeating those words over and over again. 2 years for him and 3 years for my mom. wow life sucks. I looked up at him, "We cant keep this relationship up for 2 years, mabye even 3." i said crying. he wiped the tears off my face and whispered 'i know' to me. He held up his pinky and looked at my pinky. I held it up and looked at him, "Lost in confusion like an illusion." he laughed "you know im used to making your day," we both laughed and he looked at me with a serious face after about 20 seconds. "We stay single and when i come back we continue with what we have." our pinky's collided and they crossed. We both smiled and got up he hugged me and kissed me. He walked me to my door and kissed me one more time before i went inside.

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