Love Letters *A Niall Horan Love Story*

Marie lives in Londen England with her cousin, Ally. Life is boring. High school is the only thing important in her life. Untill she finds out she has Gastis Cancer, or stomach cancer, and only has a couple months to live. What happens when someone starts sending her secret love letters? Will this last year, be the best? Read and find out


5. Telling Harry

                                        Zayn P.O.V

 Why is that beautiful person cryig that hard.Ally shouldn't be crying that hard. I have to find out why.... I don't want her in pain like that!! Her cousin ran after, but I stopped her. I trucked it across the yard, trying to get to her. I came in quietly, just in case. I saw her eyes closed, tears still loosly falling down her cheeks and some tear marks from the dry tears. I picked her small body off the ground and caried her to the couch. " Wake up, Ally. Tell me why you're in this much pain." I whispered softly. To my surprise, she moved a little. When she saw me, she started crying into my shirt, and she screamed " I can't tell Harry. It will hurt him, please Zayn!!" I wiped her ears off her perfect cheeks and said comfortably "Explain to me what you don't want to tell Harry, we will get through this. I promise." She then told me everything about her sister and how she will die in a couple months to a year. I was soon crying. If I was crying, imagine poor Harry! "We.... I.... have to tell Harry.  He needs to know. And we need to make her last couples of Marie's life....the best we can." Ally said very soft. We ran outside and told Harry. "Marz is dying!" Harry said confused. "I'm sorry Harry......." Ally said while hugging her cousin. Harry started shaking and crying. I knew he coldn't take it

                                           Harry's P.O.V

 NO....NO... se couldn't die. I couldn't handle that. " Hey guys!! What's Happening!!" Marie ran out. " Marz..........I LOVE YOU" I screamed with as much power as I had. I carried myself to her and dropped on the ground. Crying and shaking, I can't see her dead. "Harreh, are you okay?" She said with confusion. I looked her straight in the eyes and said " No. You're dying." Wonder how Niall is gonna take this. " Harry, don't cry. You be strong....for me." I was still thinking about Niall. He is gonna be heart broken.



 A/N: This is a filler chapter!! Just sayin'!! :)



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