Love Letters *A Niall Horan Love Story*

Marie lives in Londen England with her cousin, Ally. Life is boring. High school is the only thing important in her life. Untill she finds out she has Gastis Cancer, or stomach cancer, and only has a couple months to live. What happens when someone starts sending her secret love letters? Will this last year, be the best? Read and find out


3. I think I like your cousin, Harry.

                                            Niall's P.O.V

 I think I now believe in love at first sight! When I saw Harry's sister, I   thought I was in love!! Her beautiful brown hair and turquoise eyes pulled me in the second I saw her. Chill, Niall, chill.... you don't even know her name yet!!! I look over and see Harry grabbing her and pulling her in to his arms saying "Never leave me that long, Marzi!!" A loose tear ran down her perfect cheek,"I'll try my best, Harry." I heard her whisper. An older looking girl ran out, not trying to hide her tears, and hugged Harry. She was crying in his shirt. I look down and blush for "Marzi" is smiling at me. When I look up, I see Zayn checking the older girl out. Next thing I know, the older girl is running inside crying way to hard.  "Marzi" tried to grab her and stop her but Zayn stopped " Marzi" and ran towards the older one. "Who's your cousin, Harry?" I asked walking towards them "Mar-" Harry was cut off by her. "Marie Styles. I already know you, you are Niall Horan!" She informed with a smile. SHE HUGGED ME, by the way. I had the biggest smile after the hug. "Bye Harry, I have to go check on Ally,bye Niall, nice to meet you:)" she shouted because she was already half way acroos the lawn. Wow, I didn't even notice. "Niall, I know you like Marzi, you can date her.Also, she sure does like love letters, if you know what I mean.;)" And with that, he was off, trying to find Ally and Marie. I have the perfect plan, I'll send her secret love letters. Day by day, she won't know who it is. Then, in 2 weeks, I'll tell her to meet me in the park. BAM!! perfect plan. All I have to do is write!

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