Love Letters *A Niall Horan Love Story*

Marie lives in Londen England with her cousin, Ally. Life is boring. High school is the only thing important in her life. Untill she finds out she has Gastis Cancer, or stomach cancer, and only has a couple months to live. What happens when someone starts sending her secret love letters? Will this last year, be the best? Read and find out


2. Harry, Is That You?

                                            Ally's P.O.V

 (Back at house)  Poor Marie, she's gonna die!! I can't help but think its my fault!! I love Marz. Please Lord, don't let her die!! DON'T!! I have already  lost my dad last month because of drugs..... I can't loose my cousin. She is  what I have left. "HARRY?" I hear from downstairs. " Harreh, is that you!" I hear Marie say in a confused voice. " HARREH, OH MY GOD!" I could tell she was crying by the way she said that. I ran downstairs as fast as possible, wanting to see my big cousin!! Looking outside, I teared up, remembering all of the memories me, Marz, and Harreh had. I opened the door slowly and ran fast toards my cousins who were hugging and crying. "harry..... I've missed you." I said quietly. I looked up and hugged Harry with all my might. I never wanted this moment to end. I get to see my other cousin!! "Ally, you are going to hve to tell your cousin about Marz, it will break his heart." I thought and  looked at Harry with eyes filled with tears. I ran in, breathing hard and crying the entire. I colapsed inside, afraid of what would happen. To Marz, to Harry, to me. I'm scared.....scared ofeverything. 

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